Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary & Wildlife Conservation Trust

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Ngamba Island is currently home to 49 orphaned and confiscated chimps founded in 1998 on a 95 acre land of natural forest where the chimps roam and forage daily after being rescued from the illegal pet and bush meat trade. Despite their initial trauma, chimps living at Ngamba have a safe and semi-natural environment for their quick recovery hence making them survive for over their long lives of up to 60 years.

The chimpanzee diet is supplemented multiple times per day in front of visiting tourists who are able to observe the feeding process from a viewing platform but the chimps also have been granted the freedom to stay in the forest at night or return to nighttime enclosures where they can build nests and get their evening meal.

A briefly about the Island

Ngamba Island is part of the Koome group of islands located in Lake Victoria including Kiimi, Nsazi, Koome, Bulago and Damba Islands but Ngamba is approximately 23 km south-east of Entebbe, consisting of approximately 100 acres with 95 acres forested and separated from the human camp by an electric fence.

The northern part of the island is generally flat, rising gently to an altitude of approximately 3800 feet above sea level to the southern part with a good trail system stretching from east to west and north to south creating 50 x 50m blocks which was cut just before the chimpanzees’ arrival in October 1998. Ngamba Island is not only home to the chimpanzees but also other wildlife species including fruit bats, spiders, fish eagles, otters, and monitor lizards.

The goals of the sanctuary include the following:

  1. Provide a safe home for rescued chimpanzees while also caring for the environment & other wildlife on the island.
  2. Provide a high-quality educational experience for visitors
  3. Benefit local communities.

Caring for the chimps is a daily commitment provided by a dedicated and hardworking team of at least 22 care givers, veterinarians, volunteers and island staff who jointly work together to achieve the best goals of the sanctuary.

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