June 22, 2024

Uganda Safari Tips For The Best Safari Of Your Life

A safari in Uganda is an adventure that offers tourists chance to encounter some of Africa’s most popular wildlife species, learn about various cultures and their history as you explore the city, towns and parks. So you have finally made up your mind that you will be visiting Uganda, what’s left is to determine what interests or what is luring you to the country and plan around that for a successful worthwhile adventure in one of Africa’s most
We at Tristar Africa Skimmer Safaris have been organizing off the beaten track Uganda safaris for over 6 years and we want to share a 5 vital safari tips that will give you the best and unforgettable safari experience of your life
Book a short safari package. 
Finding a cheap Ugandan safari doesn’t have to cost you thousands of dollars as it really depends on the number of days you will be visiting. You can book a 3 days safari for as low as US$ 300  including the on-ground transportation, accommodation as well as activities. A 5 to 6 days tour is also affordable depending on which destinations you will be visiting but either way, always opt for less days for a budget you can handle.
Best time go visit Uganda.
You should always look out for the best and worst months to visit Uganda if you want to enjoy your adventure in the Pearl of Africa. The rainy months of March, May, April & November are not ideal for park tours but the advantage is that most companies will reduce their package fees during the low seasons and this also goes for the gorilla permits which are lowered to as low as 450 USD per person during the low season. You have to pick the right time to visit Uganda for your dream safari to come to fruition.
What activity do you want to do ?
Find out what activity fascinates you most about Uganda and start your planning from there. Blessed with an abundance of attraction spread across various destinations, it’s always a a tag of war to determine which one to go with. Whether you are interested primate tracking, game drives, boat trips, adventure sports, bird watching, cultural excursions, city tours, mountain hiking or any other popular Uganda safari activity, choose one or two you like and inquire for a price quote and itinerary and that way you will be doing something you already liked in the first place.
What do you want to see ?
You have heard all the stories and read about past clients who have been to Uganda but you can only get the real meaning of what they are saying if you see for your self, after-all seeing is believing. Just like there are plenty of things to do on safari in Uganda, there is also multitude to see and that’s why you need to find out what animal, tribe, bird , forest, lake, river, water fall  or landscape takes your breath away.
What to pack ?
You have finally determine when you will be visiting Uganda, what you will be doig and what you expect to see and what is left is what you will be packing for the road trip. There are plenty of items to pack for an Africa safari but there are only a handful that are really a necessity and these include light clothes, coats, jungle shoes, sun screen, camera (& back-up batteries), insect repeller to mention but a few.
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