June 22, 2024

Top Things to do in Queen Elizabeth National Park

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Queen Elizabeth National Park which is also known as “a medley of wonders” is a must visit
destination for tourists in Uganda because of its diverse touristic attractions. From the big cats
like the tree climbing lions, primates like the chimps, to the vast birds along the Kazinga channel
and cultural encounters with communities in the park, everyone can have something to do in this
park. The top things one can do in Queen Elizabeth Park include;
Game drives
Game viewing in Queen Elizabeth park can be done along the Kasenyi trail, the North Kazinga plains
and the Ishasha sector where the tree climbing lions are located, expect encounters with a variety of wild animals most notably the large herds of buffaloes & elephants plus the newly introduced giraffes , other animals include the waterbucks, Uganda kob, topi, warthogs among others..
Boat launch along the Kazinga channel
A cruise along the Kazinga channel can give you a closer encounter with the animals where you
can take pleasure in seeing hundreds of hippos, buffalos, crocodiles, a vast number of birds like
the saddle billed stork and elephants along the shoreline.

Chimp tracking in Kyambura Gorge and Kalinzu forest reserve

Kyambura gorge also known as “the Valley of the Apes” is a habitant of the most popular
chimpanzee species. The gorge offers a fascinating trek across rivers and through thick forests
and valleys in search of chimpanzees. Chimp tracking in Kalinzu forest reserve gives an
opportunity to people starting from 12 years unlike other places where they start from 15 years
and above. Also, it’s quite easy to find chimps in this forest reserve while tracking with a guide.
Birding in Queen Elizabeth National Park
Queen Elizabeth boosts of over 600 bird species a number that cannot be found anywhere else in
East Africa. The best places for birding are the Mweya where you can find many water birds
along the kazinga channel and the Riparian forest found in Ishasha where unusual birds can be
found. Birders can delight in seeing birds such as the shoebill stork, African skimmer and 11
different types of Kingfisher.
Nature walks
Queen Elizabeth offers avid hikers various ways to actively enjoy its wildlife and landscapes.
Nature lovers can trek through Maramagambo forest, the Mweya peninsula and along Ishasha
river to see a vast number of forest species like baboons and birds like the rare Forest Flycatcher
on foot.
Hot air balloon safari
Hot air balloon safaris give you a chance to see the sun rise from up in the sky. You can delight
in seeing the snow peaked Rwenzori mountains, crater lakes, the magnificent western rift valley,
elephants, buffalos and antelopes from above.
Cultural encounters
Enjoy vibrant cultural dances from the Kikorongo Equator Cultural Performers at your lodge;
take a guided visit to see the traditional Banyaraguru huts or workers harvesting salt from Katwe
Salt Lake.
Enjoyment of all the above activities in Queen Elizabeth National Park is guaranteed through a
well planned trip itinerary and a great guide so you need to ensure that you get one. For more
details and bookings please visit: www.tristarafricaskimmersafaris.com