My Memorable Trip to the Murchison Falls

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It was supposed to be the most exciting trip with my friends to our first safari in our own country, Uganda and we were headed to Murchison falls park. I was eager for the day to reach but alas, my most fun friend Sierah fell sick before the D-day and put a little cloud over the trip. But the trip had to still go on and thus, we proceeded as planned.
We set off around 8am northwards with two other friends, Daniel and Sophie on a Friday to Murchison falls park. The journey upto Masindi was full of chitchat amongst ourselves. After a lunch stopover in Masindi town, we reached the park at around 3pm and proceeded to the top of the falls immediately. Seeing the water gush out of the gorge at a close range was so breathtaking and we couldn’t help taking lots of beautiful and memorable pictures for our albums and to show Sierah.
Afterwards, we left for Red Chilli Camp where we were to stay for the one night we were to spend in the park. We checked in, took showers and then, got out to relax at the balcony until dinner time. Dinner was full of fun cultural conversations with a couple of other tourists from Germany and Kenya. We went to bed around 10pm in order to have an early start.
After breakfast, we left with packed lunch on a game drive with all the excitement and hope of seeing the lions and leopards because the guide had told us that it’s a possibility not a certainty of seeing them. The ferry crossing was uneventful and after driving a little distance past Pakuba lodge, we saw our first animals; giraffes along with antelopes and then elephants as we proceeded further. The guide told us that we had to drive much further in order to sight the lions and just when we were about to lose hope, he pointed out a lion that was sleeping under a tree. We stopped to take pictures while hoping that it would atleast get up and we see it in motion but, sadly that wasn’t to be. I was a bit disappointed about not seeing the lion in action but atleast I got to see it. Upon reaching the end of the drive, we stopped in an open space in view of the water. We had our lunch here and afterwards, turned back to the ferry crossing in time for the boat cruise.
Crocodiles, hippos, different species of birds and antelopes painted our view us as we cruised along the Nile. As we were still enjoying the sightings of the different animals, we took a turn and gosh, there were the majestic Murchison falls. They are the most beautiful falls I have seen in my life. I might change my mind after seeing the Victoria falls but as of now, they still take my number one spot. The boat was taken upto the bottom of the falls for a close view.
We returned to camp to pack up and leave for Kampala with contentment and joy in our hearts. This had been a worthwhile trip that everyone should take atleast once in their lifetime. As we drove back home, I couldn’t help feeling sad about Sierah not being able to share this great experience with us, but the good thing is that there will be a next time for her even if it won’t be with us her dear friends.
By Martha Driwala