June 22, 2024

Top Items To Consider When Planning Your Wedding Day

A wedding is a very special occasion that always lives long in the memories of  family, friends and well wishers. This is the day you can not make a mistake of messing up any thing, straight from first meeting all the way through the planning phase all the way to the final wedding day. There are various items to consider when planning a wedding in Uganda or any other place in Africa, items that add more spark and items that can sabotage the whole day if not in place .
Tristar Africa Skimmer Safaris presents you some of the top 5 items to make your wedding day a success ,
Guests to Invite – This is basically one of the most crucial items on the wedding menu, you have select families and friends that you will send invites to and most importantly the number of people coming per family or friends to start budgeting for that lot in terms of feeding and reception venue.
Food & Drink Catering – What is a party without eating and drinking , for centuries feasting has been the order of the day on wedding plus other occasions. Make sure you get an affordable and presentable food and drink catering staff at the wedding reception, Do they have a good reputation, is their food list and taste up to per plus consider what type pf drinks to bring.
Type of luxury wedding Car – Another important item when planning a wedding is of course transportation, you have to choose the ideal luxury bridal car that will transfer the bride, groom and escorting convoy to the church and reception venue.
Wedding Reception Venue  – Not every venue is fit to be reception venue and that’s why you need to be careful here and choose a place that not only oozes style and wealth but close in the city for convenience of the invited guests. The number tents, seating arrangement, decorations all matter as this adds beauty to the whole reception venue. Whether its is the botanical gardens, hotel conference hall or at the beach, just make the venue a palace.
Photographer & Video Makers – Memories are some of the best and there’s no way to capture the event than on a camera. Wedding photos and videos play an integral part in the whole ceremony to both the bride and groom plus invited guests so make sure you get the best photo and video makers around to capture every scene of the wedding party.
There are plenty of other items on the wedding plan list but the above five are by far the most important items you have to strongly consider leading up to your special day. Luckily Tristar Africa Skimmer Safaris has one already covered and that is the bridal cars, To hire a wedding car in Uganda , simply call Eliya Lutaaya , the reservation manager at +256-758540071 and inquire about rates and availability.