June 22, 2024

Top Birding Safari Spots In Uganda

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Uganda is one of Africa’s top safari destinations well renown for her rich culture and wildlife diversity not to mention captivating landscapes , water bodies and forests. The mountain gorillas, chimpanzees , Big five might be most sought after wildlife in Uganda but birds also rank highly among wildlife attractions in the Pearl of Africa. With over 1060 birds recorded, its clear to see why Uganda is the best destination for birding in Africa.
Birds in Uganda are divided into two categories ; Passerines and Non passerines with popular birds including the sho bill, Egrets , Marabou stork, weaver birds, King fishers, Ostriches, Geese, African fish eagle, Crested crane (Uganda’s national emblem), commorants, pelicans among others – Read more about List of birds in Uganda You can either watch birds on a combined wildlife or primate tracking tour or make the whole trip a birding safari in Uganda visiting some of the  top parks and spots where you can encounter various species.
Mabamba wetland – The wetland situated on shores of Lake Victoria is the best place to see birds in Uganda and home to the infamous giant shoebill. Other birds in Mabamba swamp include papyrus gonolek, Kingfishers, Black kite, swamp fly catcher, balck-headed heron, African marsh harrier among others.
Bwindi forest – Home to the mountain gorillas and once voted as Africa’s best birding destination by Africa Bird Club , Bwindi forest is one place that you cant afford miss out on your Uganda birding safari itinerary. Home to a record 350 bird species that include 23 Albertine rift endemics, popular birds to spot include African green broadbill, Black billed turaco, handsome francolin, Fraser’s eagle Chapins fly catcher , regal sun birds among others.
Murchison falls park – Uganda’s oldest and most visited park is another good destination for birding in Uganda home to up to 600 bird species and of course the mighty falls to add to that. A game drive and boat cruise plus nature walks are the best ways to watch birds in Murchison falls. Expect to encounter a variety of birds including the might Arican fish eagle, owls, Abyssinian ground hornbill, Red thraoted bee eater, Egyptian geese, commorants, Egrets, King fishers to mention but a few.
There are plenty of other birding sites in Uganda including Queen Elizabeth park, the city, semuliki park, Kidepo valley among others but the above three are the top 3 best destinations you can get chance to see as many birds in a short time. You can book a safari with us today by sending an email to booking@tristarafricaskimmersafaris.com or call us on +256-758540071 to speak with the reservations team.