June 22, 2024

Top 3 Ugandan Parks for Best Game Drive Experience

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Game drives in Uganda offer some of the best gaming viewing in the lush Savannah landscapes of Africa. You can get to see the famous Big five on top of some rare animals like cheetahs and jackals while enjoying the beautiful fauna and flora the country is got to offer. There are three parks in Uganda that provide the best game drive experience along fascinating tracks and they are as follows:

Murchison Falls National Park is the most diverse park in Uganda with lots of things to see. The park is home to over 76 mammal species that can be seen on a game drive along the buligi game tracks in the northern bank of the park between the Victoria and Albertine Niles. Most of the park’s game can be seen on these tracks like dozens of elephants, herds of buffalos, towering giraffes, along with bushbucks, kobs, unusual-looking hartebeest and lions. Other attractions in the park are the breathtaking Murchison falls, the chimpanzees in Budongo forest, a variety of birds that appeal to birders and sport fishing.

Queen Elizabeth National Park is the most visited and scenic park in Uganda. It’s quite popular for its tree climbing lions that are part of the 95 mammal species found in the park. For a typical African safari experience, drives along the Kasenyi trails, North Kazinga plains and the Ishasha sector offer sightings of huge dark elephants, lions, herds of Uganda kob, buffalos, warthogs, anelopes and baboons.  Some other activities that can be done in the park are going on a boat launch along the Kazinga channel for closer view of different bird species and water animals, chimp tracking in the Kyambura gorge, cultural encounters with the locals, cave tours and hot air balloon safaris for ariel views of the park.

Kidepo Valley National park is one of the few unspoiled parks in Africa with its rugged savannah plains. It’s a habitat to over 86 mammal species that can be spotted along the Naurus valley. Sightings of rare animals that can only be found in this park in Uganda like the cheetahs, aardwolf, mountain reedbuck and caracal can be enjoyed. Predator animals like lions, leopards, bat-eared fox and the black-backed jackal can also be seen along with giraffes and buffaloes. A visit to the kanangorok hot springs, the IK and Karamojong people for a cultural experience is also worthwhile.

Game drives can be enjoyed in Lake Mburo national park too, a park which is well known for its large number of zebras, Burch ell’s zebra and Eland. To enjoy one or all of these game drives in Uganda, please send your email to booking@tristarafricaskimmersafaris.com or call on +256-758540071 to make your bookings.