Best Primate tracking destinations in Uganda

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Primate tracking in Uganda is such a popular safari activity for visitors with most more interested in gorilla trekking and chimp tracking. However, with 14 primate species found in the country, there is plenty for primate lovers to see from the black-and-white colobus, red-tailed monkey and L’hoest’s to the baboons. The primates are usually seen during nature walks in the forests and during game drives or boat launch trips. Amidst so many places where one can go primate tracking in the country, there are certain destinations that are praised for offering the best experience and they are:

Bwindi National Park

Bwindi Impenetrable forest in Bwindi national park is the best place for gorilla trekking in Uganda considering that it’s a habitat to half of the world’s gorilla population. Approximately over 450 gorillas are found in this forest and a couple of these are habituated groups that visitors can track.

Kibale Forest

Kibale national park’s forest which is also known as “the primate capital of the world” since it has the highest number of primates in Africa. Chimpanzee tracking is the major attraction in this park and with over 1450 chimps found here, it doesn’t come as a surprise. 12 other species can be found in Kibale forest which include the black-and-white colobus, red-tailed monkey, l’Hoest’s monkeys, blue monkeys, olive baboons, the grey-cheeked mangabey and nocturnal among others.

Kyambura Gorge

Kyambura gorge also called “the valley of apes” is found in Queen Elizabeth national park and offers nature enthusiasts a chance to see chimpanzees, black and white colobus monkeys, red-tailed monkey on top of the game found in the park.

Budongo Forest-Kaniyo Pabidi

This forest is said to have over 600 chimps in its domain and Kaniyo Pabidi is the best place to go chimpanzee tracking. Six chimps groups have been habituated in this place thus offering quite an exciting experience for visitors. Monkeys can also been seen here.

Visiting these destinations does require you to book in advance to avoid any disappointments since a certain number of visitors are allowed to visit the places per day. To book a primate safari to these destinations in Uganda, do send us an email to or call on +256-758540071 to speak with our reservations team.