May 28, 2024

Top 3 Rwanda Safari Packages For Tourists

Famed the ‘Land Of A Thousand Hills‘ located south west of Uganda is Rwanda , East Africa’s smallest country once ravaged by a horrific genocide that claimed many innocent victims from both the Hutu & Tutsi tribes. The country has since moved to become one of the most popular safari destinations in Africa renowned for it’s rich cultural history , mountain gorillas , wildlife and amazing hilly landscapes. When you add the mentioned tourist attractions to the good communication, reliable transport network, security, affordable accommodation and friendly welcoming Rwandese , be certain you will get a comfortable adventure in part of the country.
There are various attractions and destinations to visit including national parks, genocide memorial sites, local communities, museums  among others but not all Rwanda safaris and tours will give that full adventure you truly deserve and that’s why Tristar Africa Skimmer Safaris has come up 3 packages that fits all types of travellers including adventure seekers, primate and nature lovers as well as tourists on leisure holiday.
Gorilla Trekking Safari – With nearly 880 mountain gorillas left in the world, a half of the population can be found in Uganda’s Bwindi forest with the Virunga ranges coming in second making it another popular gorilla safari destination in Africa. Road trip lasts about 2 hours starting from Kigali city giving you time to enjoy the views and do quick nature walk from your lodge/ camp. Gorilla trekking expedition begins the next day starting as early as 7 am and lasting about  4 to 5 hours depending on the location of the gorillas. After your encounter with the apes, you will be driven back to lodge to check out and return to your hotel/ residence in Kigali ending the trip.
Akagera safari –  The Akagera park is Rwanda best wildlife national park perfect for tourists interested in mammals, birds  and exploring landscapes. Morning and evening Game drives through the plains offer you chance to encounter a variety of species including Zebras, Elephants, Giraffes, Impala, duiker, topi, water buck, hyena, leopards, side stripped jackal, lion and plans are under way to reintroduce the Rhinos. An afternoon launch trip along Lake Ihema is the perfect chance to see water animals like crocodiles, hippos as well as birds and animals resting on banks.
Kigali City tour – The capital is another Rwanda safari destination worth exploring if you are into culture and history as the city is flooded with several cultural sites, genocide memorial centers, local restaurants and not forget the locals themselves. Sample the life of the locals on a 1 day ride around town, make stop overs at Kigali genocide memorial and lean about the horrific 1994 genocide where Hutus were mercilessly killing Tutsi , videos of victims testimonies and live bones of the victims  will send chills down your spine showing you how far Rwanda have come to get the current peace.
Planning to visit Rwanda for safari or leisure holiday and still haven’t yet decided what to do or which tourist attraction to visit. The above 3 safari packages will give you that ultimate adventure in Rwanda you have always dreamed of. To inquire or book a safari in Rwanda , simply send us an email to or call us on +250-787309366 to speak with the reservations team.