Book Discounted Gorilla Permits In November 2017

The low season month of November is here again and you what that means for tourists interested in the unique gorilla¬† safari adventure in Uganda’s infamous Bwindi impenetrable forest , a well renowned UNESCO heritage site home to the highest population of mountain gorillas in the world.
Tracking gorillas in Uganda requires you to have a gorilla permit which costs US$ 600 per person for foreign non-residents while it will cost US$ 500 per person for residents living in Uganda but during the low seasons months of April, May & November , permits are offered at a discount rate of US$ 450 per person for foreign non-residents and only US$ 400 per person for nationals.
This initiative a was introduced by Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) way back in 2011 to attract tourists during the low season months and also offer primate lovers a chance to encounter the gorillas at a discount rate of US$ 150 giving them chance to spend money on other items or activities.
This November 2017 is no different either as UWA will be offering discounted gorilla permits which you can book with Tristar Africa Skimmer Safaris, one of Uganda’s top safari and car rental companies organizing guided park tours and offfering a wide variety of rental cars for self drive trips. If you are love the thrill of trekking through jungles in search of the gorillas, next month is your best chance of doing it a reduced price that fits your budget and travel needs.
To book a Uganda gorilla safari this November, simply send us an email to or call us on +256-758540071 to speak with the reservations team. Come and encounter one of Africa’s most sought after primate at only US$ 450 per person , we look forward to giving the safari of a life time.