Tips To Help You Beat Kampala Traffic In 2021


Traffic jam is one of the most hated occurrences on the road by car drivers, not only does traffic take up a lot of time, it’s also one of the causes of most road rage cases. Bumping into traffic in Kampala city is inevitable given its the busiest and most populated city in Uganda. The poor roads which are narrow with lots of potholes combined with various road users further add to heavy traffic in Kampala. Whether you are exploring the city on business or leisure , it’s always nice to be prepared for traffic whether you decide to rent a car in Kampala with car rental agency or book your own private means.

Our drivers from Tristar Africa Skimmer Safaris have been driving through Kampala for years and we present to you some tips to help you beat the traffic in Kampala city.

Travel early – This is by far the best way of avoid traffic , hit the road early to avoid rush hours say leave home by 6am and not later than 7 am as you risk bumping into traffic. So try to sleep early so you can beat your neighbors on the street.

Use alternate routes – The highways are always congested with traffic and so you have to find other road routes short or long to avoid dozing off in the streets. If you are new to the city , then you have to travel with a GPS for better routing.

Book a Safeboda– The motor cycles present a quick and reliable transport means in the city, they can easily pass through cars and also use routes which cars cant pass so you can be assured of getting where you are going in time when you use a boda-boda. You can easily create an account of the Safeboda app and get booking now.

Listen for traffic updates – Most of the FM radio stations in Uganda always offer weather and traffic updates, so always switch on your radio and listen what’s happening on the streets as this will give you a heads up on which streets to avoid when leaving or going back home.

Fuel up – Another way to avoid bumping into traffic jam on Kampala streets is by making sure you have enough fuel to take you all the way , en-route stop-overs at gas stations also lead to traffic as by the time you finish fueling , over 20 cars will be infront you in the jam queue

Music – Music is life and rightly so since it has a way of either calming you down or firing you up but either way ids always good to get you mind of the exasperating traffic. You can make you own playlist and put it on flash or listen to radio songs on your way to home or back. This will help you avoid road rage due traffic jam stress hence saving yourself from penalties.

So if you are planning to visit Kampala or stay in the city and want to avoid traffic jam or find a way of keeping clam , then the above tips will help you get where you are going and arrive in time, safely & comfortably. You can rent a car in Kampala today by sending an email to or call us now on +256-785231603 to speak with us.