Gulu Uganda – History ,Attractions & car Rental

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Gulu also celebrated as the Northern City is the major town of Northern Uganda operating as the commercial and administrative center of Gulu district approximately 340 kilometers (210 mi) by road from Kampala, the capital and largest city in Uganda. Interestingly, the town is served by Gulu Airport which has a tarmac runway measuring 10,314 feet (3,114 m) making it the second biggest airport after Entebbe International Airport in Uganda, and a railway line which connects to Pakwach up to the Eastern district of Tororo bordering Kenya via Soroti, the largest and the most developed district in Teso sub-region.
Politically, the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), a rebel group was started in the 1990s after Auma/Lakwena went into exile in Kenya and the LRA became increasingly violent in Gulu and the nearby districts which negatively affected an estimated 15,000 children while people were being displaced into town every evening for safety purposes. In 1996, the Ugandan government ordered all civilians in northern Uganda to move into internally displaced people’s camps (IDP) where many non-governmental organizations such as Feed the Children, World Food Program, UNICEF, and United Nations among others aided the war victims in terms of food, shelter, medical treatment and education.
In April 2009, all the IDP camps were closed and everyone was allowed to return to their villages and by July in the same year, an estimated 1,452,000 displaced people had willingly returned home and from 2007, there has been great peace in Northern since the Lord’s Resistance Army were weakened and pushed into operating in Central African Republic and Democratic Republic of Congo.
In 2012, the Bagool and Ugandan Red Cross initiated a plan to properly map Gulu in Open Street Map using the crowd-sourced mapping traced on satellite images donated by the United States government, which were then tagged with the names of streets, businesses, and facilities by local volunteers in a bid to improve disaster management in the town and Northern region entirely.
The inhabitants of this town are the Acholi people which take 80% with their local dialect known as Acholi. Other local languages spoken include Luo, Kiswahili, Luganda and the official language of Uganda being English.
For any medical emergencies, Gulu has 3 recognized hospitals which include St. Mary’s hospital-Lacor, Gulu Regional Referral Hospital and Gulu Independent Hospital.
For the sports fanatics, Gulu is home to Gulu United Football Club and their playground is Pece War Memorial Stadium with a seating capacity of 3,000 constructed by the British government in 1959.
Visitors will find plenty of what to do during their stay right from many festivals that run throughout the year, including the celebrated Maisha African Film Festival as well as celebrations of Acholi Culture which take place annually.
There are also historical attractions nearby that include the fort of British general Sir Samuel Baker in Patiko, beaches on the River Tochi and the hot springs at Amoro.
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