June 22, 2024

Why You Should Use a Travel Agent To Plan Your Honeymoon

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For a no brainer, a travel agent like Tristar Africa Skimmer Safaris can and will save you money and time, but these are just some of the reasons why hiring a travel agent for your honeymoon planning is more important and popular than ever!

With the so many details involved in wedding planning, it very easy to have the honeymoon overlooked. Suddenly you’re a few months away from your wedding day, scrambling to find a decent listing on Neza Reversions, Booking or Airbnb and stressing out over the rapidly raising airline rates (of course they are high during your peak wedding season, but who had time to think about that six or four months ago?).

Look, there is an easy solution to avoid all this and today, we are sharing some reasons why you should use a travel agent like Tristar Africa Skimmer Safaris for your honeymoon plans. According to “South bride and groom”, a honeymoon is the beacon of light at the end of your “I dos” and deserves all the time you have to be enjoyed in a stress free environment!

A travel agent will save you time

You’re already planning your wedding, so why add more to your plate than you already have piled on? A travel agent can do all the heavy lifting for you and alleviate all the stress that comes along with planning a trip to a new location. So just dog ear your favorite travel ideas, and call up a travel agent to do all the hard work for you. Often, they can coordinate virtually, and you never even have to meet your agent in person. But to avoid any incidences of fraud, we recommend that you meet them and have them put pen to paper on some sort of contract or legally binding document. This will make your honeymoon feel like an incredible gift.

A travel agent will save you money on your honeymoon

While you may assume that you will be paying more money by booking with a travel agent, you are most likely wrong. Thinking that travel agents are an extra “expense” is one of the biggest myths about the industry. Booking a travel agent like Tristar Africa Skimmer Safaris to plan your honeymoon is on the rise. A travel agent can get you the best deals on all your arrangements including flight, hotel and excursions you wish to take on your trip. Plus, as long as you use a reputable travel agent, the money you’ll save by only booking the best options and with the more reputable companies instead of wasting your money on unvetted experiences, is money in your pocket at the end of the day right next to the memories of a lifetime.

A travel agent can hook you up with upgrades

Beyond the general bookings and money saving benefits, a travel agent can boost your honeymoon experience. With the buying power that comes along with being a travel agent, they have a lot more connections in the travel industry than the regular James booking a trip. Even if you wish for a local (home country) honeymoon, they may be able to hook you up with upgrades at prices you would never know were possible. That means a sea or oceanfront view with a jacuzzi and in-room massages might be in the budget after all! Ask your travel agent about flight upgrades, too. Yes, you could just fly in the back of the plane next to the restrooms, or you could take advantage of a travel agent who can often snag upgraded seat on flights. There is nothing more enjoyable than flying first class to your honeymoon destination!

A travel agent has access to amazing resorts, and activities that are unknown to us

As much as you think you’ve seen all the destinations, resorts and adventure opportunities from your recent searches on Google, you haven’t seen the half of them. Trust in a professional that has planned numerous trips to all destinations and know exactly the best places to stay, things to do, and everything in between for couples. Even if you are a world traveler who loves to fly by the seat of your pants, when it comes to your honeymoon, it’s nice to be able have everything sorted out for you.

A travel agent can take on any surprise issues that come along

No matter how well all is planned, when it’s go time, sometimes there are bumps in the road. A travel agent will still have your back even when you have set off for the trip. That means if your room isn’t up to par with a horrible construction view, or you have arrived to a city full of political protests, you can turn to your travel agent to help get you out of a pickle. A travel agent might also be able to prevent such unforeseen issues due to their general knowledge of the areas they book.