June 22, 2024

Why You Must Visit Jinja Town while on a Tour in Uganda?

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Jinja town which is well-known as the “Adventure Capital of East Africa” is also home to the source of R.Nile;  the longest river in the world. Although the town offers activities for all kinds of people, the several adventure activities and sports found in this laid back town do attract mostly adrenaline enthusiasts to visit the town. With the activities being within a few distances of each other, one can have one hell of a time on tour in  Jinja. Some of the most exciting water and land activities that will lure you to Jinja are as mentioned below
Bungee Jumping
Take a leap while enjoying panoramic views around you for an incredible adrenaline thrilling experience. Bungee jumping at Jinja offers one of the best bungee jumping experiences in the world. You can opt for water touches, tandem jumps or full-moon jumps.
White Water Rafting
Overcome some of the biggest rapids in the world with an expert guide down the Nile while enjoying the spectacular scenery. The adrenaline pumping thrill from this experience is like no other at all.
Horn your craft or step it up from rafting by kayaking down the rapids with a guide behind you to instruct you on when to up the energy and to help steer you both through the rapids. The rapids are always followed by calm water which gives you time to calm down from the adrenaline high.
Jet boating
Jump the rapids in the boat while going upstream and down for an adrenaline thrill and the opportunity to learn more about extraordinary R. Nile from professionals. Jet boating is the best alternative for those who are not brave enough to raft.
Quad biking
A guided Quad bike ride along the Nile will take you on trails through the countryside and small farms where you can see how people live there while delighting in the thrill of biking itself.
Horseback riding
Take a slow or fast paced ride on well groomed and trained horses through the beautiful countryside of Jinja with experienced guides. You will have the chance to ride along a high ridge for fantastic views of the Nile.
Boat ride to the source of R.Nile
A boat trip to see the source of R.Nile can avail you with exceptional bird viewing, exciting stories behind the Ghandi monument at the source as well as take pictures at the marker.
Visit to the Itanda falls
The beautiful Itanda falls are found along the R.Nile and they replaced the demised Bujagali falls. Enjoy seeing the falls and the amazing rapids on the river. If lucky you can also see rafters trying to overcome the most adventurous rapids in the world.
With so many activities to do on Jinja tour, one cannot fail to get a few that call to their adventure spirit in them. For bookings or inquiries, you can send an email to booking@tristarafricaskimmersafaris.com or call us now on +256-758 540071.