June 22, 2024

Planning a wedding? Here’s why we think you should ride a limousine to the wedding.

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When we think of wedding rides, we immediately think of Cinderella’s wagon. However, riding a wagon isn’t really the best idea; you would barely fit in with the wedding gown! No doubt you are a prince and princess, but really, is involving a horse the best idea? What you need should be classy, comfortable, stylish and spacious. How about a limousine to complete your fairytale with elegance, tranquility and a happy-ever-after?
Bridesmaids & Maid of Honor
You would want your bridesmaids and especially the maid of honor by your side all the time. Getting a limousine would ensure that all of you arrive on time and together. No worries about any missing or late bridesmaids! Perhaps one last amazing ride with your girls while you still are single…
Car Pooling
It is always a headache to manage the transport for your home guests who have arrived from other distant areas. You can make multiple trips if the venue is close-by but if it is farther than an hour’s ride that’s not an option. Limousines are a great solution as they can carry ten people and even from 15 to 20 people on average. Problem solved all your guests in a single trip.
You do not need to worry about driving, being late or even about finding a parking spot. They offer chauffeurs who are courteous, well-mannered and professionally trained to give you the best customer service. The limousines often come with fresh flowers of your choice. Still, it is best to pad some extra time to your trip in case of unexpected delays. Most limousine hire services offer special discount offers for weddings and even Bachelorette and Bachelor Parties.
Which Limousine to Hire and Consideration
Limousines come in different varieties. It’s best to consult the limousine hire service well beforehand and before the wedding season starts to get the desirable limousine and package. Make the reservations in person. Pick out the vehicle/vehicles that suit your needs: a classic or something more gimmicky. Also get familiar with the chauffeur if possible. Negotiate the decorations (which may not be available for the vintage limousine) of the vehicle according to the rest of the event.
Once the booking is done, just lay back, relax, and wait for your breathtaking and eye-catching arrival in style to your big day. To book a limousine in Uganda for wedding, simply send us an email to booking@tristarafricaskimmersafaris.com  or call us on +256-758540071 to speak with the reservations team.