June 22, 2024

Why Book A Flight To A Park Over Road Trip

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For centuries safaris in Africa have been conducted in customized vans suited to handle the rough park terrain and weather in some of the most remote destinations and though some tourists love the thrill and adventure of driving to the park, some dread the long boring journeys that come with the package.Well good news is that now you can book a flying safari in Uganda with various airline companies that offer scheduled and charter flights like Aerolink & Eagle Air.
A flying safari might be more expensive than an on road trip but here are some reasons why going the former is the best choice.
Faster means – Save your self from the burden of seating for long hours on the road and just book an hour flight to the park of your choice. Arriving at the park early gives you chance to do activities you would have been able to do if you come in late hence saving time and money.
Mechinical problems – You dont have to worry about getting mechanical problems along the way when you travel by air as the planes are always serviced and checked before flying off unlike the unpredictable cars that can jam or get a car puncture at any time.
Good Views – The aerial views from the plan are arguably better than those when on land as you can get a bigger view of the landscapes , water bodies, people and homesteads which is the case with car but this time you wont be able to see everything hence miss out on attractions you could only get chance to see in a plane.
Comfort– The level of comfort you get when traveling  in a plane is compared to no other, seat back relax in the cozy leather seats as you enjoy a meal or drink and gaze into the skies and below the land.
So if you plan on embarking on a safari in Uganda and still wondering which transport means to choose, travel in style and comfort when you book a flight with Aerolink or Eagle Air. Tristar Africa Skimmer Safaris organizes a