June 22, 2024

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For a wedding guest, it has always been the case that extra care is taken when choosing what outfit to wear. The fuss that surrounds the outfit selections especially for female guests is almost unbelievable ! In their defense, however , it follows that beautifully dressed guests will add to the beauty of the wedding occasion. There is no reason you shouldn’t look for the perfect outfit, Just be sure to dress appropriately  as a sign  of respect to the bride and groom and to the host church or mosque or any place where the the wedding vows will take place. And remember it’s in bad taste to outshine the bride and groom so let have their time in the lime light as the main center of attraction.
Weddings can be seen as a good opportunity to dress your best. As a guest, however, it’s important to take into account a few key facts when selecting your wedding dress ; one important one being that more often than not , a wedding will start with a religious ceremony which will call for some modicum of decent dresses.
A wedding can range from formal to informal, but in Uganda, the ceremony is typically formal hence the guests have to dress accordingly for a synchronized party setting. We at Tristar Africa Skimmer Safaris are one of the best wedding service providers offering our stylish bridal cars along with other services that include renting out groom gowns and bridal dresses and our expert discusses how a guest should turn up dressed for a formal wedding in Uganda or any part of the world.
For women – Go for the dressy day dress, cocktail dress or evening gown. Traditional wear can also be an elegant option. Avoid skimpy dresses or overly sexy outfits , definitely take the , boots, trainers , jeans and t shirts out of the equation. Don’t wear white as traditionally it’s meant for the bride and groom
For men –  A dark suit, conservative shirt and tie , dark shoes and socks .
The dress etiquette tips will help you not feel out of place or awkward as everything will be the way it has to be. To book a wedding gown or dress in Uganda, simply send us an email to booking@tristarafricaskimmersafaris.com or call us on +256-758540071 to talk to our reservations personnel.