June 22, 2024

Uganda & India Cooperation Good For Tourism

Murchison Falls Park

The Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi  arrived yesterday for the much anticipated 2 days state meeting with Ugandan President Kaguta Museveni in a bid to create stronger relation as regards to trade, investments and tourism as well. During discussions between the two , security ,trade,health care, social welfare and tourism prospects were allput and though deals were made, we can all agree that Uganda tapping into the Indian tourism market is good news for the economy and social ties between Uganda and India.
News reports coming in suggest that the Indian government has agreed to set up the Mahatma Gandhi conventional Center at source of the Nile as a pilgrim for the Indians as well as tourist site in Jinja town ,one of Uganda’s prime tourist destinations.
To further boost tourism relations between the two countries , President Museveni requested the Prime minster to ask the Indian government to allow Uganda airlines to fly directly to India’s Bombay city to ease transfer of tourists to/from Uganda to and from India which will further strengthen political,economic and social ties.
This really great news for Uganda tourism and economy as well , we look forward to welcoming the Indian tourists and showing them what the Pearl Of Africa is made of. Whether you want to see the wild animals, track gorillas,chimpanzees or explore the city,do adventure sports on the Nile, be prepared for the adventure of a life time…
We will keep you updated with the latest news about the prime minster’s 2 day visit that ends today…
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