June 22, 2024

Top Uganda Safari Packages For First Time Travelers

Uganda is a safari destination filled with a lots of attractions and things to do ideal for all types of travelers including backpackers, family and group travelers. From primate tracking, mountain hiking, bird watching, camping to visits around local communities and the city, there a lot to do when Uganda but for a full cultural and wildlife experience, you should consider booking one of the affordable Uganda safari packages listed below .
Package 1-  Kampala city tour
A tour around Uganda’s capital is the perfect way to sample the country’s rich cultural history , weather and interact with the locals. If you have a short time in the country, then a guided trip around Kampala is ther best package for you. get chance to visit various local attraction in a short space of time , popular sites include Kabaka’s lake, Kabaka’s palace, Kasubi tombs, Namirembe cathedral, bahai temple, Uganda museum , Gaddafi mosque, Ndere center , Owino market among other places. Most of the tailormade Uganda safari iteneraries include a tour around the city , so make sure you dont miss out on this dest8ination most especially if you’re first time visitor.
Package 2- 3 Days Murchison Falls Tour
For a full feel of Uganda wildlife and chance to encounter the Big Five species, you should tour Murchison falls park on a guided safari or self drive road trip. A 3 days trip includes a game drive plus launch trip to the bottom of the falls plus a nature walk or community visit to the near by Mubako village. A visit to the park also offers tourists an opportunity to track Rhinos at the sanctuary hence you can be assured you will spot the Lions, Elephants, Rhinos, leopards and Bufaloes in a single visit.
Package 3 –  3 days Gorilla trekking safari
The mountain gorillas are among the most endangered species in the world and the only chance you will get of encountering them is on a tour to Bwindi forest, Mgahinga, Volcanos and Virunga park, Bwindi forest is home to over half the surviving gorillas in the world and with over 11 gorilla groups, the chances of seeing the gorillas is high. A 3 days gorilla safari in Uganda include gorilla trekking in one region plus nature walk or visit to the Batwa pygmy community.  A Ugandan gorilla permit costs US$ 600 per person which is much more expensive than the one for Rwanda (US$ 750 pp) easing the choice making.
Package 4- 2 days Jinja Tour
Jinja town is regarded as East Africa’s adventure capital and rightly so, not only is this the home of the River Nile source but also has a wide variety of water and land sports to fit for all age groups including children and elderly. A 2 days trip includes a boat ride to the source , visit to local craft shops plus an adventure sport of your choice for the next day, it could be white water rafting , bungee jumping, Kayaking , horseback riding, quad biking or a visit to the local markets and communities.
Package 5- 3 days  Kibale forest safari
If you love primates and nature, then you should book a tour to Kibale forest, home to over 1500 chimpanzees and other 12 primate species not to mention the various bird species that call the forest home. The Kanyanchu primate walk opens you up to a variety of species including the chimpanzees, black & white colobus monkeys, vervet monkeys, red tailed monkeys, baboons, mangabey among others.
There are variety of other Uganda safari packages featuring visits to various national parks and attractions but the above 5 packages will definitely give you the ultimate safari experience introducing you to different culture, wild animals, birds and popular local attractions . To book or inquire about a safari in Uganda , simply send us an email to booking@tristarafricaskimmersafaris.com or call us now on +256-758540071 and speak with the reservations team.