Top Things to Do in Semuliki National Park

For a combo feel of both East and Central Africa, Semuliki national park found in South western Uganda is the place to visit. Or for a feel of Central Africa while still in Uganda, Semuliki national park found in South western Uganda is the place to visit. Semuliki park is dominated by one of the ancient and bio-diverse forests in Africa, the great Ituri forest that extends to Uganda from the Congo basin. This is why the park contains various features which are more associated with Central Africa rather than the East from the wildlife species, the Semuliki river which is a miniature image of the Congo river to the Batwa pygmy tribe who were originally from Ituri. Apart from this, here are the things that you can do in the park while enjoying its uniqueness:
With a total number of 441 bird species, birders can enjoy one of the best forest birding experiences in Africa. Sempaya, Ntandi and Kirumia are the top birding spots in the park where you can view birds like the White-crested Hornbill, Piping Hornbill, Red-billed Dwarf Hornbill, Great blue and the Yellow-throated Nicator. For sightings of the Shoebill stork, you should visit Lake Albert.
Game Drives
Game drives through the Toro Semuliki wildlife reserve grasslands can avail you chances of seeing elephants, buffalos, Uganda kob, waterbucks, warthogs and crocs. On a lucky day, you could see leopards, the pygmy hippo and the elusive bush babies. You can decide to enjoy morning, afternoon or night drives in the reserve where you see nocturnal species white-tailed mangoose. A tour to Semuliki nationl park cant be complete without a guided or self drive trip through the plains so dont dare make a mistake of missing out on this exciting activity.
Hiking and Nature Walks
There are 3 main trails in the Semuliki national park which include the Kirumia trail which can take you on an 8 hour hike through the forest to the Semuliki river. This trail is ideal for birders.
The Red monkey track takes you along the eastern border where the rare deBrazza’s monkey can be found to the Semuliki river.
You can view primates and the hotsprings on a 2-4 hour walk along the Sempaya nature trail. This hike can be taken in the morning or in the afternoon.
Cultural Encounters
An encounter with the Batwa pygmy community can give you an insight into their rich cultural history and lifestyle through music and dance performances that can be enjoyed at Ntandi. Handicrafts are also available for you to buy as souvenirs for loved ones and as away to support the local tribe.
Visit the Sempaya Hot Springs
An hour long walk to the male spring can take you through the forest full of red-tailed monkeys, black and white colubus monkeys. You can enjoy an aerial view of the place from a tree house enroute. A 30 minute walk through a palm forest can lead you to the female spring which is well-known for its boiling geyser. You can cook eggs or green plantain in this spring and enjoy them.
You can decide to add sport fishing and swimming below the Mungilo Waterfall on the list of the top things to do in Semuliki national park. A trip to the nearby Rwenzori national park and Kibale national park is recommended.
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