June 22, 2024

Top 4 Places To Visit During Your Gulu Road Trip

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Gulu town is one of the most vibrant towns in Northern Uganda. The town is also the commercial and main town of Gulu district. It was noted that during the colonial times, between the 18th and 19th centuries, Gulu was less developed, many of the people here were trained to  be in the army as source of country  security and many were sent to  fight both the first and second world wars. The several rebel groups that came in after 1986 of which most members were ex-soldiers cause a lot distraction and falling back of Gulu town and district at large with many people being displaced and others loosing life.
Today  we celebrate the development of Gulu town, with many institutions of studying being built thus many people are educated and many of them have put all the pain and torture on their back and are ready to move on. The town is a base for several commercial set ups like banks, micro-finances, hospitals and pharmacies, schools, Gulu University, the town is also base for many radio stations among which are choice radio that airs 24hrs. Enjoy some of the best landmarks in Gulu town
1# Murchison Falls National Park
Uganda’s biggest National park along Kampala- Gulu highway, the park features great wildlife safaris with amazing views of towering giraffes, herds of elephants, the antelopes, Uganda Kob and many more. There are primate tracking trips in Budongo forest viewing the chimpanzees with experience in the natural and health environment.
2# Sir Samuel Baker’s Fort at Patiko
The fort is situated strategically 30km from Gulu town in Patiko sub-county in Ajulu Parish. This fort was basically constructed as salve collection center but it was taken over by Sir Samuel Baker in 1872 before the Emin Pasha and Gordon took it over. This is one of the best places to visit stop by while you are in Gulu district.  Some of the best highlights for the fort are :

  • Guides Office
  • Two huts depicting Acholi traditional huts.
  • Simsim Store
  • Court Yard
  • Millet Store
  • Marks of executions by axe
  • Firing squad area

3# Karuma Falls
The eastern part of the famous Karuma Falls is located in Apac district while the western parts of the falls are located in Gulu districts. A trip Gulu town must feature an amazing stop at the Karuma falls with great views of the African Baboons. The falls are such a spectacular attraction thast make a road trip to Gulu worth a memory.
4# . Amoro Hot spring
The hot spring is approximately 35 kilometers from Gulu town in Amoro Sub-county. The hot spring covers a maximum of 100sq meters and proves to be the largest hot spring in the whole of Northern Uganda. Many people have not discovered these hot springs yet but they promise great tourism crowds each year.
Gulu district with its quickly developing town  promises great tourism advances with most of its attractions that mainly need to be developed mostly. Planning to visit northern Uganda this season and need to rent a car in Gulu for self drive or guided road trip, you can send us an email to booking@tristarafricaskimmersafaris.com or call us on +256-7585400071 to speak with our staff.