Top Activities To Do In Mountain Elgon National Park

Mountain Elgon national park is one of Uganda’s less vivted parks but that doesnt derail it from offering one of the best hiking adventures , wildlife and cultural tours in Uganda. The park was named after the Mt Elgon , an extinct volcano once the hight mountrain in Africa until erosion reduced it’s height to just 4321 meters making it the 16th highest mountain in Africa anjd 4th in East Africa.


A climb to the top of Wagagai peak is the major activity in Mout Elgon national park and adventyure seekers across prefer hiking  mountain Elgon than the Rwenzori mountains due to the high risks and long days of trekking (9 to 10 days ) as compared to only 4 days it takes to conqure wafgagai peak.


Another exciting activity to do in Elgon park is nature walks to the Sipi Falls,  a series of 3 falls on the base of the mountain. Along the walk,, you will get superb views of the Karamoja plains and surrounding landscpaes plus get chance to get up-close to the falls and take pictures.


The park is home to avriety of wildlife species if you are into wildlife, a game drive offers you cahnce to encounter various species including Mountain elephants, tree hyraxes, bushbuck, duiker, forest hog, bush pig, oribi, bushbuck , serval cats among others.


Another popular acvtivity to do in the park is bird watching as it is home to up to 300 bird species making the perfect haven for any ardent birder. The kapkwai exploration center offers the best spot for birding in Mountain Elgon park where you will get chance to encount various pseices that include African Blue fly catcher, Baglafecht weaver, chinspot batis, Mackinons Fiscal,  Tacazze sunbird, pigeons,. Black kite among others.


If you are a cultural enthusiasist, yu will definetly enjoy a tour to the Bagisu and Sabiny people who occupy the sloppes of Mountaion Elgon. Visit the homesteads and learn about their way of life, history and traditions. Travel agancies organize traditional dance performers to keep you entertained while in the village.


Other activities to do in the park including mountain biking,. rock climbing and sport fishing but the above 6 make the cut for the top done. To book a safari to Mountain Elgon park, simply send us an email to or call us on 256-758540071 to speak with the reservations team.