Top 4 Safari Activities In Semuliki National Park

Situated on the Uganda-Congo border in Bundibugyo is Semuliki national park, Uganda’s newest park established as late as 1993 and named after the Semuliki river . Strategically located in the Albertine rift north west of Mountain Rwenzori in the Semuliki valley , the park is East Africa’s only lowland rainforest. It is home up to 53 mammals and 441 bird species plus a variety of plant and tree species making it the perfect destination for nature lovers as well as birders.
Planning to make to do a safari to Semuliki national park, here are top 4 activities that will give you the full wildlife and cultural experience of the park.
Game drives
Semuliki national park offers morning , afternoon as well as exciting night game drive taking tourists through three game tracks in the savannah plains and forests. Among the 53 mammal species in the park, 27 are large mammals while 11 are believed to be endemics including the pygymy antelope and 2 flying squirrel species. Game drive offers you chance to encounter various animals and bird species including forest and savannah elephants, waterbucks, buffaloes, warthogs, Uganda kobs plus Nile crocodile and hippos found in the Semuliki valley. A night game drive in Semuliki park is the perfect opportunity to encounter nocturnal species like the potto, bush babyand if lucky you may see the white-tailed mongoose.
Semuliki Hot Springs
The park is home to two hot-springs, male and female ech situated in different locations and all are believed to have special healing minerals which has led to some locals believing that it was pool of the ancient gods. Enjoy an hour trail to the male hot-spring passing through a forest where you will encounter a variety of primates including red-tailed monkeys, black & white colobus monkeys, grey-cheeked mangabeys among others. The female hotspring has a boiling geyser where locals normally boil raw eggs , matooke (cooked bananas) and any other cookable food. Spend a few hours at the hot-springs taking pictures and also joining in with the locals to get that feel of heling waters.
Cultural encounters
There four tribes that live close to Semuliki national park each with a distinct way of life and traditional customs and these include the Bwanba farmers & Bakonjo who live on the foothills of Rwenzori mountain , Batuku who stay in the open plains doing cattle keeping and lastly the Batwa pygmies , arguably the most popular ethinic tribe that inhabit the edge of the forests surving entirely on hunting and fruit gathering. Embark on guided tours to one or two of these tribes for a chance to learn about their way of life, history and traditional customs.
Semuliki park offers the best forest birding in East Africa home to uo to 441 bird species with 40% of Uganda’s total bird species. For best bird watching experience, you have to visit Sempaya and Ntandi regions plus the area around Kirumia river. Notable bird species include Yellow throated cuckoo, Piping hornbill, Black dwarf hornbill, leaf love, Swamp palm bulbul, Maxwell’s black weaver, Yellow throated nicator, Orange-cheeked waxbill, Red billed dwarf hornbill plus of course the rare elusive giant shoebill which is usually spotted on Lake Albert.
Other safari activities in Semuliki national park including hiking and nature walks that will take you through the heart of the park and offer you chance to encounter a variety of primates as well as the hotsprings.
Planning to visit Semuliki national park this season and still wondering what to do, the baove four activities will can inspire you to make up your mind. To inquire or book a trip, simply send us an email to or call us now on +256-758540071 to speak with the reservations team.