June 22, 2024

Top 4 Places To Visit In Masindi, Uganda

Masindi district is located in the western region of Uganda. Just like most of the districts in Uganda, it is named after the chief town – Masindi town where the district headquarters are located.   Nwoya district borders Masindi to the North, Kiryandongo to the east, and kyankwanzi district to the south, Hoima district to the south west and Bulisa to the North West. The district holds great history as the capital of the once great Bunyoro Kingdom and was visited by sir Samuel and Florence Becker the British explore who was the first to visit Murchison Falls.
Tristar Africa Skimmer Safaris presents to you some of the top places you cant afford to miss visiting while on tour in Masindi town.
Murchison falls national park
Over 50% of Murchison Falls National Park is located in Masindi district.  Murchison falls is Uganda’s largest national and among the popularly visited parks in East Africa. The park offers a great destination for wildlife safaris with views of elephants, buffalos, towering giraffes, warthogs, the antelope family and great bird species. Enjoy boat cruise along the Nile Delta or to the bottom of the falls. There are possible adventures to be part of like hiking tours to the top of the falls, chimpanzee tracking in the Budongo forest complimented with nature walks, sport fishing and community tours
Kinyara sugar works
This is one of the three major manufactures of sugar in Uganda. The industry employs a big number of people in Masindi which has boost the way of life of the natives. Many schools and tourists on study purposes make trips to this industry every year to learn on skills of making sugar and also know how the process operates. This is also an interesting site to visit on your trip to Masindi
Butiaba port
This port is located on the eastern shores of Lake Albert in Masindi district. The port was very vibrant during the first 20th century with many goods from eastern DRC and south Sudan crossing on water with ferry to Lake Kyoga and soroti. With the current road construction network, the port handles just a small number of good, since many are transported via road.
Bunyoro kingdom
The people in Masindi are Banyoro and they speak Runyoro. At its heights, Bunyoro Kitara kingdom, controlled the whole great lakes region, due to the many tribal wars, the empire collapsed though the kingdom still stands with the current ruler as Solomon Iguru. The tradition of the Banyoro revolved around hunting in the past years but currently they have turned to agriculture and raring domestic animals. A cultural visit to the King’s palace in Masindi makes a great flavor of your Uganda safari
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