June 22, 2024

Things To Consider When Hiring A Wedding Car In Uganda

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A wedding day  is one of the most important occasion in the life of a couple and their families and that’s the reason there’s a lot planning involved to make it memorable and magnificent in every sense. Whether it’s picking the perfect venue, choosing family and friends to invite or budgeting for food and drinks, there’s always a lot to be done before the wedding day.
There are lots of items included on the plan voucher but few are as important as the venue and type of wedding cars for hire to transport the bride & groom plus convoy on that day. Finding the ideal can be quite hectic given they are not easily accessible as a taxi and that’s why you first need to inquire online or in person at an office. There are plenty of stylish luxury vehicles that would spice up an event, it could be Mercedes Benz , Range Rover , Limousine or if your into old style, you could go for the classic Vintage cars and kick it old school.
Whatever rental car you choose, be sure to get it the best price, from the best company under favourable terms and conditions. Here are  3 factors you should strongly consider when looking that dream bridal car.
Car Agency
Choosing the right company should be your number one priority if you are to get a good service at a price that fits your budget and personal needs. There are plenty or car rental agencies and events management companies in Kampala city but finding a trusted and reliable one is where the hard part comes in but that shouldn’t be a problem these days, you can just go online and visit Google search engine , type in what you want , it could be ‘wedding car hire Uganda’, ‘hire a Limousine Uganda’, ‘bridal cars kampala’ among other related terms and you will get the best people to contact  on the first page. Check and compare rates for different cars offered and then go further and check out reviews about them plus if they have a physical address and office where you reach them. Tristar Africa Skimmer Safaris offers a wide range of rental cars suitable for weddings, birthday parties, music video shoots as well as films and other special events.
Car Style
Remember to choose a car that suits the parties theme and decoration colors  to make it look the fairy tale occasion. Your personal style and fashion appeal can help you make the best decision. If your into music and sports, then flashy sedan and sports cars are your best bet while if you more of old school, then you can go for the vintage cars. The decorations on the car should match your attire to make it more colorful.
Number of Rental Cars & Passengers
How many cars will I need  and how many people will be using them?  are two major questions you should put on the table when making the transportation budget.  Most couples love to choose a large fleet of more than 6 cars while others prefer to minimize the expenditure and  use only 3-5 cars to take them and escorting convoy to the reception or church but whichever number you want, make sure it can fit the bride, groom plus maids. If would like to transport your distant family members , you can rent a coaster bus  with a driver and cater for fuel costs as well.
Wedding Budget.
Depending on how much money you a willing to spend on booking a bridal car, I strongly recommend you get one that wont strain you expenses. If you cant afford services of a luxury car like Limousine , Chrysler or Range Rover sport that cost between UGX 500,000 to 1,300,000 per day then you could try out the much cheaper options like Mercedes Benz or Land Cruiser whose costs range between UGX 300,000 to UGX 600,000 per day.
If you have plans of hiring a wedding car in Uganda, then you should read through these tips  for the best deal and a successful day. Get in touch with us through booking@tristarafricaskimmersafaris.com or call us on +256-758 540071 to speak with the reservation manager.