June 22, 2024

The Rwanda Royal Tour Documentary Premieres In Chicago

The much anticipated Rwanda Royal Tour documentary has finally been released premiering in Chicago, USA on 23rd April with a host of various guests including the Rwandan president himself. Produced by well renowned American journalist; Peter Greenberg , the documentary features some of the top tourist attractions in Rwanda with the president of Rwanda; Paul Kagame acting as a tour guide adding more spice and class to the excursion.
The Rwanda royal tour is a move by the local government to boost local tourism in Rwanda in not only USA but the rest of the world shoing off their genocide memorial sites, local culture and parks among other attractiosn that lure tourists across the globe to visit the famed “Land of A Thousand Hills“.
The royal tour documentary is set to be aired on Thursday 26th April by PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) but Rwandese will get chance to watch it on Rwanda TV on Friday , so tune in and enjoy the best of what Rwanda offers in terms of tourism. This is really great news for tourism in Rwanda as this is guaranteed to increase the revenue as well create market for the locals.
Below are video highlights of the Rwanda Royal tour premiere that took place in Chicago on 23rd April.

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