June 22, 2024

My Visit To The Uganda Musuem

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       A few months   back   I was given the opportunity to choose a place of destination and the Uganda museum was my first choice because of the historical things it has, its location, and its back ground .It has the best tour guides. I was   given a very  good guide to take me through and this was  more of the teacher  to me since he made me feel like I had visited it before .I  had   a two days tour and within these two  days  I made  sure I learn and take a look at each of the show  cases critically .


Case study was   culture.  

At around 9 am I   moved around the cultural village, this place is so interesting   in its own way of structure making of huts which makes it so unique. This type of housing which was there before   modernity   and each hut indicates a tribe in Uganda .this is amazing to find   different  huts  in the same place with different designs  and  they included  that of  Bagisu, Baganda,Basoga , Iteso and many others. These people used cow dung to decorate their huts and they looked   beautiful.

       Each of the huts   has materials of which their grandfathers used to use long ago which   included knives, hunting tools, animal skins, back cloths and gardening tools. In all these huts the Buganda kingdom has the biggest   house and   they were so go in farming and fishing and most of the materials used were from stones   iron smelting   which makes them look nice .This   was a great day for me because I learnt much about   culture and kingdom   which I didn’t know before .From there I had to rest for my day 2

  DAY 2

Case study was   early man

Early morning   we   visited   the place show   casing the fossils   of early man. This place is so interesting it shows the earliest generations of man and his changes   , what man used to do  ,used to eat and how he used to spend his time . These people changed   gradually   until now. They used to gather fruits and do fishing  in order to stay .They would  stay in hilly places .Most of what was done by these people was  unique for example fire making through scrubbing stones together  and  making of hooks to fish and the gardening tools ,they would move naked  and their  bodies were too hairy to resist  coldness and as time went by they  learnt to rap around their private parts  and would make fire and sit around it for warmth.

At the end of the tour   ,I found it so beautiful and interesting  to visit the museum and to learn about culture and early man and I was  able to write a report about the case studies  and I would recommend any other tourist  who would love to know about Ugandan culture to visit the museum he will surely find the tour so interesting  .

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