May 28, 2024

My Bucket List of Things to Do in Uganda This 2020

There are a number of reasons why Uganda is one of the most visited countries in Africa for tourism purposes. Christened “the Pearl of Africa” by Winston Churchill, this landlocked country prides in an overwhelming beauty stemming from the rich natural diversity, the colorful culture, a warm climate and the wide range of tasty foods resulting from the rich fertile soils. Whether you are a wildlife lover, hiking enthusiast, have great interest for culture or you are planning to spend your honeymoon in Uganda, here are some of the things to add on your bucket list and have a wonderful time of your trip.

Enjoy a Uganda safari
Uganda boasts a variety of African wildlife which has been mainly protected in national parks where safari trips are undertaken to encounter these thrilling attractions. Regardless of its small size, the country boasts a lot of interesting wildlife including primates such as the endangered mountain gorillas, chimpanzees and golden monkeys, big game- elephants, buffaloes, giraffes, zebras and lots of antelopes. You can visit one, two or a combination of three or more parks to explore Uganda’s wildlife. The most
popular national parks in Uganda are Bwindi, Kibale forest national park, Murchison Falls and Queen Elizabeth national park.

Go primate trekking
Uganda offers some of the best trekking tours of searching for the world’s most alluring primates; mountain gorillas, golden monkeys and our closest cousins the chimps. There are only three countries to see mountain gorillas; Uganda, Rwanda and the DR Congo. Guided Uganda safaris offer an opportunity to trek these giants in either Bwindi Impenetrable forest national park or Mgahinga national park where you can enjoy this activity anytime of the year. It also has over 3 destinations for chimp trekking with the main one being Kibale forest national park which harbors over 14,000 chimpanzees. Meet the playful chimps and see how they spend their time in their natural habitat.

Search for tree climbing lions
Uganda and Africa have countless lions but those with a regular habit of climbing trees are rare. Apart from Lake Manyara in Tanzania, it is only in queen Elizabeth national park where you have high chances of sighting these kings in trees if planning for a safari in East Africa. Mumwe safaris offers special packages to Ishasha sector in the south of Queen Elizabeth national park for a game drive to look out for tree climbing lions.

Visit the adventure capital of East Africa
Among the intriguing places to visit in Uganda is Jinja where we also find the source of the Nile. Located in Eastern Uganda, Jinja stands out as a major tourist capital closest to Kampala. as the Nile starts its journey to the Mediterranean sea, it creates a number of spots suitable for several adrenaline activities including white water rafting, kayaking and bungee jumping that you ought not to miss if you are an adventurer. Other things to
do in Jinja include boat cruise to the source of the Nile, Quad biking and horseback riding among others.

Pause at the equator landmark
Experience the feeling of being in both the north and south hemispheres at the same time by straddling at a point where the equator crosses in Uganda. Kayabwe in Mpigi is the most popular point but you can also enjoy the game and do several pauses and take enough photos at the landmark in Queen Elizabeth national park while on a wildlife safari.

Hike to the highest point of Uganda
There are several mountains in Uganda that offer wonderful mountain climbing experiences but Mount Rwenzori beats them all by its height and the permanent snow all year round. Mt. Rwenzori has numerous ranges with the highest standing at 5109m above the sea level. They feature valleys that are endowed with unique wildlife and landscapes like streams and waterfalls. These are some of the things you get delighted in on the Rwenzori on the way to the snowcapped Margherita peak.

Go deep into the wilderness
Uganda never ceases to offer rare things. If you are planning to travel around this beautiful country and you are a lover of wilderness areas, add Kidepo national park to your bucket list. This jungle is unique from all other parks because of its nature. Situated in the rugged Karamoja region, Kidepo amazes with a range of wildlife and stunning landscapes including vast savannahs and highlands like Lamoj Mountains. Game drives reward with sightings of lions, buffaloes, elephants, giraffes and cheetah on occasions. Ostriches are common seen as well.

Visit Murchison falls national park
Although Uganda is mostly known for mountain gorillas, Murchison falls national park is also one of the places that ranks high in receiving tourists. As it competes with Queen Elizabeth National Park due to sharing almost the same kind of animals, Murchison falls national park out-competes because of the presence of the mighty Murchison falls.
These are the strongest waterfalls in the whole world, formed at a point where the Nile congests itself in a 7m gorge and bursts out with thunderous waters splashing over the entire area. Take a trip to Murchison falls national park and explore the true beauty of Uganda.

Cruise to Ngamba Island
On the fresh waters of Lake Victoria seats the greenery Ngamba Island where a chimp sanctuary was established to take care of orphaned chimpanzees. These interesting primates were rescued from traffickers and have been protected at Ngamba Island.

Getting to Ngamba Island offers an opportunity of enjoying a 45 minutes boat ride on Lake Victoria.
Visitors watch the primates playing, feeding and can also participate in giving them the food. There is much to learn about the chimps at Ngamba Island.

Visit Uganda’s most beautiful lake
Lake Bunyonyi in the far southwestern part of Uganda is said to be the loveliest place for couples on honey moon and adventurers. Spotted with 29 islands, the lake is an attractive water body surrounded with stunning hills that harbor lots of small birds from which it got its name.
Wake up to the breathtaking views of the Virunga mountains and the misty Kabale area and take a canoe ride on Lake Bunyonyi for an exploration of the popular islands that were named by the locals according to what they used them for.

Uganda is often referred to as a “compressed Africa” due to these various fascinating things that entertain travelers who choose Uganda as their destination for their vacation. It is the place to visit if you are looking for a place to have your adventure travel dreams come true. Let us organize your next safari with your perfect package.

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