Mombasa receives over 250 Polish tourists from Poland

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On 3rd November, 2018, Mombasa received an estimated 250 tourists from Poland aboard a polish airline named Lot Polish Charter which made a landing in Mombasa’s Moi International Airport at around 8:35 pm on Saturday night and they were warmly welcomed by top government officials alongside the Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) officials.
This massive influx of the Polish tourists comes as the tourism sector of Kenya last week welcomed the extension of the Charter Incentive Programme set in 2016 with the aim of supporting the recovery of international tourism to the Kenyan coastal region and it will be flying to Mombasa two times in a week, which means there will be an estimate of 500 tourists to the Kenyan coast on weekly basis.
Coast KTB Regional Manager Jonathan Mbiyu in his speech while addressing journalists at the airport upon the arrival of the Polish tourists hinted that Poland has and will continue to grow in market share of visitors into Kenya adding that in 2017 alone, they received 11,947 visitors from Poland compared to the 9,572 recorded in 2016, marking a 24.8 percent increase of Polish tourists to Kenya.
Mr. Jonathan Mbiyu excitedly said that considering the last 8 months (January -August), influx of tourists from the Polish market was 7,504, an increase from 6,782 visitors in the same period last year, indicating an increase of 10.6 percent and he went on by saying the Kenyan government is looking at a joint promotion with travel agents to increase demand for travel to boost the Kenyan tourism industry.
As Kenya enjoys the privileges, in return the charter airlines also enjoy a waiver on landing fees in airports like Moi International Airport, Mombasa, or Malindi Airport, and a passenger subsidy of Ksh.3000 per seat filled for a period of two and a half years.