June 22, 2024

Leopard Eats A Young Boy In Queen Elizabeth National Park

The hunt is on for a leopard that mauled away a toddler and ate him in Queen Elizabeth national park last week on Friday evening. News reports show that the the deceased three old boy by the names Elisha was dragged off from the UWA staff quarters as the nanny was busy attending to kitchen chores.   The maid didnt know that the young boy had followed her outside and once the leopard pounced and mauled him away , she heard him screaming for help but it was too late to do anything as it quickly disappeared into the bushes.
After a thorough search for the missing boy, park rangers finally found the head skull and what was left of the boy and now the UWA rangers are still searching for this wild leopard to take it out since it has already tasted human flesh and might want some more.
This is more bad news coming from Queen Elizabeth national park in Uganda after 11 lions were poisoned earlier last month. We at Tristar Africa Skimmer Safaris promise to keep you posted about the latest news about the wanted leopard.