How Wedding Cars Have Evolved In Uganda

Over the years, wedding cars in Uganda have evolved. Away from the too many cars that jam Kampala roads and streets with traffic today, it was such a big deal and even prestigious to own a car back in the days between the 60s and 90s. One had to be extremely wealthy or an important member of society to own a car.
For long, cars were associated with the white man and were only owned by a few. In fact, before the 90s, almost everyone who owned a car was known by name. The Morris Minor, Morris Kabawo, Zephyr Zodiac, Humber also locally known as Police 999, Volvo, Saab, Mercedes Benz round light, 190 and 200, Volkswagen Beetle, Honda, Peugeot 203, Citroen and Fiat are some of the cars that graced Uganda’s roads in the 1960’s.
Later on in the 80s, came the Peugeot 403 and 404, Mercedes Benz 190 and Datsun 1600SSS. Back then, for one to have a car for their wedding, they had to borrow it from a close friend or family member or even to the extreme from a friend of a friend.
At the time, any car would be used as a bridal car. While speaking to the Daily Monitor in 2014, Hajji Edirisa Nakaana said;“All cars were used as wedding cars. If one did not have a car, he would ask a relative or friend to lend him the car on the wedding day. In the 60s to 80s, Beetles and Peugeots were today’s Jaguars and Mercedes-Benzes.”
However, this has drastically changed. Although couples still use any cars for their wedding in Uganda depending on what they can afford, we can’t help it notice the changes in Uganda’s wedding car industry that kicked off in early 2000 with the introduction of the luxurious limousine on the scene.
Since then, a lot has changed. Along that path came the Range Rovers, the BMWs, Jaguars among other nice cars that are often used for weddings today. Nonetheless, if you want something vintage, to give your wedding a unique look mirrored from back in the 60s or 90s, still trust us at Tristar Africa Skimmer Safaris to get you that vintage car that you’re dying have on your big day.
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