Getting Ready For Camping In Uganda

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The thrill of spending the night out in the wild, just you ,a fire and the nature is an experience compared to no other. Uganda is blessed with a variety of tourist attractions including tropical forests , lakes , rivers and mountains all of which offer the perfect spot for camping safaris in Uganda. From booking camping space to getting the right gear and on-ground transportation, there is a lot of planning and preparations for camping trips.
Below are the basic steps to help you get ready for camping in Uganda,
Go online – Turn on you WiFi or visit the internet cafe and browse through some of the best camping spots in Uganda. Whether you want to camp in a forest, near a lake/ river , in the mountain ranges or in a safari lodge/ hotel’s botanical garden, rest assured you will get that out-door adventure you deserve.
Determine camping spot & availability–  Do you want to camp in a Uganda national park , near a local attraction in town or remote village ? , decide the spots you will be visiting and make a final itinerary. Inquire about the availability through a travel agent or by sending an email directly to the hotel/ lodge / camp site and asking if they can book for you a spot and how much it will cost.
Rent Camping Gear –  Once you have determined the availability of space and ready to book, next step is to rent camping gear in Uganda if you don’t want to travel with yours. A variety of car rental agencies rent out equipment at affordable rates ranging from US$ 10  to US$ 15 per day. Gear includes safari camper tents, blankets, mattresses, cooking gas, utensils, lantern lamp, chairs, table, torch etc. Remember to get only equipment that you need to save some money for other things during the trip.
Rent A Car-  Ditch the driver and just rent a car for self drive, the affordability, privacy and flexibility you get with your own rental car will add some spice to your camping adventure. You can rent a camper van which has an already mounted tent on the roof top or go the much cheaper 4-wheel drive car or van that has adequate space for both the passengers and cargo. Uganda car rental rates range from US$ 50 to 140 per day on self drive excluding fuel.
Once you have done all the above four steps and booked your flight, you are officially ready for camping in Uganda. To book a camping safari in Uganda, simply send us an email to or call us now on +256-758540071
Tip – After you have determine which park or destination you will be camping in, go online and read more about the place, look into the history, wildlife, locals and weather for a better insight of where you will be spending the nights.