June 22, 2024

Game Driving In Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison falls national park is Uganda’s most ancient and largest national park among others, spreading its occupancy to Bulisa, Nwoya, Kiryandongo and Masindi district in the Northwestern region of the country. This popular open savannah grassland stretches its borders to the shores of Lake Albert, part of the Nile River that cuts across the park forming two hemispheres and proceeds to part of the Karuma Falls as well.

The host thousands of visitors every year mainly foreign and few of the resident natives , all having a zeal for adventure, to see the animals, enjoy interesting gems of the park, fabulous accommodation facilities for all budgets of the clients.
Game driving in Murchison Falls National Park is one most and best highlight for a trip to the park. Game drives can be done by those on self drive trips as longs as you  keep the tracks, and those having a guided tour, your guide/driver knows how best to go about the game drive in the park.
What to consider for your game drive in Murchison Falls National Park.

  • Choose the right type of Car: whether you are doing your trip on a self drive or with a guide/driver, make it a point to choose the right type of car for your game drive. A 4×4 vehicle is so ideal for a trip in the National park, take note that sometimes the tracks are slippery and muddy during wet season and even on dry days you could be caught up in quick sand. Apart from the weather bit of it, a car with a pop up or sun roof is ideal for better game viewing, if does not have any of those, at least make sure the window glasses can slide easily for better viewing.


  • Seek for help: using a guide is more relevant or a park ranger, they are trained on how to go about the game tracks of the park, the ranger knows best where to find various animals especially those that tend hide in thickets, with the help of a driver you have a chance to get full information about the animals, their way of life and so much. In case of any issue in between your game, the ranger can respond to danger easily than being by yourself.


  • Location of Accommodation facility: many of the game drives are done on the Northern sector of the park, this is where much of the wildlife is found and easily seen. Therefore it is advisable to choose a safari lodge on the side where game drives are done, this saves you much time, avoiding ferry crossing and getting to tracks late when some animals have left to rest. If you have a morning game drive, it is best you spend a night in the park than outside the park.


  • Follow instruction: there are park rules and regulations set by the Uganda Wildlife Authority which are supposed to be followed by everyone in the park, some of these are;  – do not use the horn while in the park, try to  avoid noise as animals hate noise, do not litter, some of the snacks and human food can be dangerous to  animals, keep  with close ranges or move with the park ranger for safety, follow the tracks and for night game drives seek for a ranger to  guide you.

Book wildlife safari to Murchison Falls National Park featuring all year round game drives, offering you a chance to see herd of elephants, warrior buffaloes, towering giraffes, Jackson’s heartbeats, lions, warthogs, wild pig, Nile crocodile, on a luck day  you  can spot the leopard, beautiful birds of Uganda, like African Fish Eagle, pelicans, sun birds, bishop bird, francolin and many more.
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