The Entebbe International Airport Uganda

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The Entebbe international airport is the main the gate way to and out of Uganda. The airport is strategically located on the shores of Lake Victoria, offer a beautiful view of the lake, this has been one of the best highlights for those that have landed in the grounds of Uganda through Entebbe International airport. The airport is approximately 41km from the main capital city and driving time of about 45-50mins less traffic jam.  Your adventure to Uganda starts here at the airport; the splendid waters of Lake Victoria, beautiful green vegetation, white sand beaches and the awesome setup of Entebbe town, all make a grand entry for a Uganda safari adventure.

Below are some of highlights while at the airport
Many of the travellers need to know, how to check in for the flights, where to go and what to do while at the airport. The airport has only two terminals that handle both international and domestic flights. Unless you are on a connecting flight, you will find the check in zone listed in the screen at the departure point and your will be guided on how to check in for your flight. It is very advisable to arrive and the airport 2hrs prior to your check in time, this saves you any delays on the road. Ask for assistance to print your boarding pass and baggage ticket.
Online check in
Some airlines do  consider online booking system, all you need to  do is to  check in online with your airline before you  set off for the airport, book your seat and boarding pass and when you  arrive, just take your bags to  the baggage kiosk or collection point and proceed for your final check point. This is so easy and hassle free, saves a lot of time.
Welcome to Uganda, after you get off the flight follow the arrival signs to the baggage reclaim area, watch the screen for your flight and see if your bags are ready on the belt. There are free baggage trollies provided to help you move your bags. Remember to show your yellow fever card at the immigration point plus your passport and any other necessary documents to be presented.
Meeting points
Are you receiving a person at the airport, the meeting points are on the ground floor of the main airport building, check out at eh screen and see if your person’s flight is on time or delayed. For those arriving, you can airport taxis available to transfer you to your destination, a comfortable lounge , a restaurant for a simple meal and in case you need forex services , you  are covered .
The airport features an awesome security system, making it a point that everyone is safe with their property. There is a high technology in the system of security, right from the check in point at the gate to the flight boarding point. The Uganda Army bases at the old airport and the police also  stage at the airport.
Enjoy school tours at the Entebbe International Airport, enjoy a safe travel through the Airport. Book and airport transfer in Uganda with Tristar Africa Skimmer Safaris, your trusted and reliable car agency and safari company. You can send an email to or call us on +256-758540071 to speak with the reservations team.