June 22, 2024

Best Cars For Group Safaris in Murchison Falls Park

Murchison falls park is not only Uganda’s oldest and largest park but also one of the most visited destinations in East Africa home to over 76 mammal species and up 451 bird species and when you add that to the scenic views of the landscapes and the magnificent Murchison falls , you are guaranteed to get the best wildlife tour in Uganda.
Whether you are traveling alone, as a couple , with family or a couple of friends, you will need to rent a private car for a comfortable and safe road trip to Murchison falls park. A solo traveler , couple or group of 4 can rent a simple 4-door saloon car or safari car like Land cruiser prado but if you are more than 5 , you will need to rent a vehicle that can seat a group of 8 – 30 passengers.
There are a variety of rental cars suited for group safaris in Uganda but only a handful worthy to be called true group vehicles and below are the top 3 cars ideal for small groups on safari, business or leisure holiday.
Safari Van– The 4X4 mini-van is one of the most used cars for group trips in Africa customized with a pop-up roof , spacious space for cargo in rear and roof top . This mid sized group van can accommodate up to 8 people comfortably with an air-conditioner and slides side windows.
Safari Land Cruiser – The safari cruiser is the oldest safari car that has been used for African safaris for centuries and centuries. The 8-seater 4X4 Land cruiser has a pop-up roof, in-built fridge , comfortable seats and spacious cargo space in rear and roof top making it the perfect car for groups or families planning to camp in a park or close to a tourist attraction.
Super Custom van – The mid-sized vehicle is the ideal car families on safari or leisure holiday, the spacious leg room , adjustable seats coupled with the fact that it can accommodate up to 7 people makes it perfect for group transportation.
If you planning to visit Murchison falls  park during your safari in Uganda and looking for the ideal rental cars that can handle the tough park terrain and unpredictable weather conditions, choose form the above three safari cars in Uganda and be guaranteed you will have a comfortable and safe road trip to and around any park or up-country tourist destination