June 22, 2024

Best Adventure Activities On Mountain Elgon

Standing at 4,321 meters is East Africa’s 4th highest mountain , Elgon also known locally as ‘Masaba‘ by the local Gishu whose kingdom is found on the base of Mt Elgon. The extinct volcano which is located on the Uganda-Kenya border is believed to have the largest volcanic base attracting thousands of tourists looking for adventure year in year out.
The park is home to over 300 species and a variety of forest animals including forest elephant, buffalo, bush pig, leopard, serval cats, spotted hyen, tree hyraxes, Deffassa water buck to mention but a few but what attracts visitors to mountain Elgon is the wide range of out-door adventure activities available.
Below are the top 3 most wanted adventure activities on tour to mountain Elgon  that will get your adrenaline pumping giving you that memorable safari experience
Mountain Climbing – A hiking adventure up to Wagagai peak is the by far the most popular adventure activity on Mountain elgon. Whether you decide to use the Sasa, Sipi or Piswa trail, you can be guaranteed you will get an amazing journey up the mountain top. You will encounter various local communities, wildlife , birds and scenic views of the Karamoja plains during your trek which normallly lasts about 4 to 6 days (climbing up and getting back down)
Rock Climbing – Another fascinating activity that takes place at the foot hills of the mountain at Sipi, all climbing equipment can be hired at the Sipi Falls Tourist Guides Association offices where you will be briefed and offered a well trained and experienced hiking guide to guide you through the 35m / 15 climb up these ancient rocks
Hiking & Nature Walks – There’s no cheaper and better way to explore Mountain Elgon than on foot and that’s most tourists to the park love touring the mountain forests and caves under guidance of a guide. A walk through the forests gives you cahnce to encounter a variety of birds and primates plus rare tree speices like the Elgon teak plus you will get chance to visit the various caves in the mountain including Tutum , Kapkwai and Khauka caves in a few kilometer walks.
Cultural Encounters – An encounter with the local Bagisu and Sabiny is a cultural adventure like no other. Get chance to learn about the tribes’ rich cultural history as you also engage in day to day activities. On a lucky day you might bump into the Imbalu ceremony (male circumcision), bull fight or even better , a traditional wedding ceremony.
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