June 22, 2024

Bad Driving Habits To Avoid During Self Drive Trip In Uganda

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Quite often we are warned not to drink and drive, in fact, in Uganda there is even a “red card” campaign to sensitize people against drinking and then driving. We are also cautioned against driving when we are sleepy or using a mobile phone. Nonetheless, there still are less clear bad driving habits than the mentioned ones that you need to be aware of and should avoid while on the road during self drive in Uganda or any other destination for that matter . So if you don’t want to damage your car and wallet, the experts at “carfromJapan” advise that you try not to do these things while driving.

1. Resting your hand on the gear stick

Driving instructors always advise that you should keep both hands on the wheel at all times, but many of us develop a bad driving habit of resting your hand on the shifter. The gear stick is connected to a selector fork, which is designed to make contact with a rotating collar for a short amount of time. If you rest your hand on the gearstick, it will require the synchronizers and bushings of the transmission to handle more weight than usual, causing internal wear, so avoid doing it.

2. Keeping the pressure on the brake pedal while driving downhill

Keeping the pressure on the brake pedal while driving downhill is another bad driving habit that will send your car to the graveyard early. Driving down a steep road is not easy, and many drivers feel the urge to keep their foot on the pedal so that it’s easier to slow down at short notice. However, the best thing to do is to shift into a lower gear, which will slow the vehicle down without putting pressure on brake pads and rotors.

3. Staying on the clutch while driving uphill

If you drive an automatic car, look away for this one. It only applies for manual cars. Many drivers stay on the clutch while driving uphill to stay in one spot without completely stopping the vehicle while climbing a steep road. Just use the automatic brake hold system in such a position. If your car does not have one, use the hand brake for the same purpose. Remember that riding on the clutch too much will make it fail ultimately, resulting in the inability of switching gears.

4. Neglecting warning lights

Occasionally, some warning like “washer fluid” or “bulb gone” can be ignored until you get a chance to stop. But others need to be investigated at the earliest opportunity. Don’t ignore the warnings during during self drive – because your car’s clever computer knows what it’s doing. It might damage the gearbox and require you to change its parts earlier than the recommended time. When you press the clutch pedal to keep the vehicle in gear, the throw-out bearing has to be in contact with the pressure plate for a longer period, leading to its erosion faster.

5. Revving the engine before it’s warm

Some people said that the engine oil never totally warms up so a short journey will be terrible. In fact, all vehicles start from cold; therefore, it is vital to avoid revving the engine until it is warmed up. Leave the engine to run for around 10 seconds before you set off.

6. Keeping the fuel tank almost empty

It’s a bad practice since oil pump tends to heat up and increases friction between the engine parts if it’s not submerged in enough fuel. So, instead of adding just a gallon or two every time, go for a full tank to keep your engine cool and healthy. This is also one of bad habits that are killing your manual car.

7. Overloading your car

Unless it’s required, strip your vehicle of every ounce of unwanted weight. The car rental company will offer you the car for your Uganda self drive trip after accounting fro the number of people you are traveling with so dont add in any other thing not in the contract. A bulky car puts a strain on the components of the brake, suspension and drive train. The owner’s manual usually tells you your car’s maximum load weight, which will give you an indication of how much luggage you should carry as a total.

8. Neglecting to use the parking brake

It’s a grave mistake because not doing so demands the parking pawl work harder and break eventually. As a result, the shifter’s ‘P’ becomes literally useless.

9. Delaying regular maintenance

If you don’t let your car maintained regularly, it can make a heavy problem later, then you might spend a lot of money for the service. To know other symptoms of your car, read industry knowledge from our experts to keep it always in the good condition.

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