June 22, 2024

About The Culture In The Western Region Of Uganda


In Uganda, the western region has a very rich cultural heritage as it contains various tribes such as the Banyankole who are the most popular both in terms of population and prestige, the Batooro, Banyoro, Bakiga, Bafumbira, Bachwezi, Bahima, Bakonjo and Bamba plus so many others. All these people live in areas of Mbarara, Kabale, Fort Portal, Kasese, Isingiro, Kamwenge, Kanungu, Kabarole, Kiruhura, Kisoro, Kiryandongo and other areas.
The Banyoro and Batooro have a centralised system of administration with their king as “Omukama” and currently the king is Omukama Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV. Initially the king owned all the wealth in the kingdom that is to say the cattle and  all the women theoretically.  The Bahima fathers always took very good care of their daughters because the King always generously  awarded them with gifts during weddings. The slim girls were considered unfit for royalty as they couldn’t be married in the royal clan therefore in case the girl was chosen, she would be fed on milk forcefully in order to gain weight.
The commonest meal in the Western region of Uganda is known as “Eshabwe” which is a delicious traditional Banyankole cuisine made from ghee which is locally skimmed from milk. Eshabwe is usually eaten with Akalo made from millet flour. This meal is always served to all visitors in almost every family as part of the culture.  Other foods also include matooke, yams, cassava, sweet potatoes plus so much more.
Traditional dances
The Western region has very interesting cultural/traditional dances and these are the “Entogoro dance” and the “Ekitagururo dance.” All these are performed by the traditional/ local dancers. Entogoro is usually danced by the Banyoro and Batooro people. It name of the dance was got from pod rattles locally refereed to as “ebinyege” which are tied on the legs of the boys to make different sounds and rhythms while they dance. Ekitagururo dance is usually danced by the Bakiga  and Banyankole people. It requires a lot of energy as it involves a lot of feet stamping and tangling of rhythms with aerial arm movements.
The western region of Uganda is very in attractions especially concerning culture for example Igongo cultural center located 16km off Kampala-Masaka highway set in the grounds of what was once a place of a mighty king in the 17th century. One can also visit the Eriijukiro museum with ancient and modern history of the western region, Kaawa Kanuzire restaurant which is a clean and comfortable modern restaurant with both traditional/local and international dishes, Eitaramiro cultural village which majorly showcases traditional building styles In the Western culture such as huts, utensils plus many others, the Nkwanzi crafts and books where you can get souvenirs of your Uganda safari such as handicrafts, musical instrument, decorative and fashionable objects, ornaments, craft cards, various books plus so much more.  You can also watch various performances of music plus recitations known as “ebivyugo” presented by both traditional and modern entertainers.
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