June 22, 2024

5 Hot Wedding Trends In Uganda


a wedding like most eclipses happens once in a long time, we all want our wedding to be unique, classic, memorable and above all spectacularly memorable. As much as  wedding in Uganda is supposed to be traditional , there are some new trends you can mix in to make the wedding more exotic and our professional organizers at Tristar Africa Skimmer Safaris have listed 5 hot trends that might be of interest to couples planning a wedding in 2018.
1- Wedding Rehearsal – The wedding rehearsal is one wedding trend that is becoming popular in Africa , when well rehearsed, everything is guaranteed to run smoothly on the wedding day as every participant will know what to do or where to be at a particular time hence you dont have to worry about making mistakes that could ruin your special day.
2- Rehearsal dinner – Originating from North America is a pre-wedding ceremony that is usually held at the reception venue just after the wedding rehearsal. Th motive behind the the rehearsal dinner is to allow family, relative and friends of the bride and groom to meet, interact and have a good time. This dinner is ideal for coupls planning small wedding as it will incur extra costs.
3- Pre-wedding photo shoots – Gone are the days when the bride and groom had to wait for the wedding day to have their pictures taken. Current trends offer couples an opportunity to first test out how they will look in their wedding dresses so you know what to expect during the final photo shoot on the big day.
4- Trial decoration –  The importance of  decorations can not be overlooked as you plan the wedding party. You should hire wedding decorators in Uganda that are ready to come over the day before the d-day to first try out the decorations in-order to get the final touch that will light up the venue.
5- Barbeque Wedding – There was time when the barbeque was reserve for after party, wedding meetings and launch parties but with the latest wedding trends, you can treat the invited guests to assortment of meats at the reception venue on the wedding day. You need to slaughter a wide range of animals and birds including cows, goats, sheep,  chicken, ducks and if allowed you can add the delicious pork to the meat list.
Planning a wedding in Uganda this