3rd Uganda International Cultural Tourism Fair Scheduled For September

The 3rd Edition of the International Cultural Tourism fair is just a few weeeks away and promises to be any eventful one. It will combine all communities rich in cultural forms of art like music, dance, drama, visual art, poetry, Storytelling, display of arts and crafts, local brew, foods and beverages at the Uganda National Museum, Kampala in a bid to emerge together all domestic and foreign communities, youths and women, family and exhibitors of several artifacts and cultures among others between 21st and 23rd September, 2018 with a theme “Our Diverse Cultures Empowering Each Other”.
All the products in exhibition will be from all parts of Africa and beyond and other activities to define this event include: thematic side conferences on culture and conservation, school quiz competitions on the same topics and in addition there will be an East Africa high level discussion consisting of members of parliament from the East African countries, ministers of culture and ministers of tourism all over Africa and best participants will be awarded.
The recognition of the Uganda tourism industry will be done by exhibition of wildlife and education by Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC) Entebbe with a major aim on totems as spiritual emblems demonstrating conservation challenges stemming from ancient times of our fore fathers.
The beneficiaries of this fair are the youths and women who will be empowered with the skills to produce, brand and market their artifacts and other products both locally and internationally hence increasing exports.
This year’s fair is expected to host over 300 exhibitors with several of the continent’s beautifully interesting cultural products like artifacts, memorabilia, cuisines and fashions which will greatly empower them to display their diversified cultures and compared to last year’s 10,000 visitors from within Uganda and the world, this year’s fair is expected to attract more guests than 2017.
Culture has always been one of Uganda’s top attractions and that’s why this fair is more than just about showcase but also promoting cultural tour in Uganda and also creating market for the makers of these artifacts while also still earning the Uganda Museum expoure and income.
We at Tristar Africa Skimmer Safaris will keep you posted on the news and happenings during the eagerly anticipated International Cultural Tourism Fair. Otherwise, i have already booked my ticket and cant wait
Justin Ekaru- News Reporter- Tristar Africa Skimmer Safaris