June 22, 2024

10 Reasons To Spend A year Travelling In Your Own Country

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Traveling beyond borders is every adventurous person’s dream. But albeit there’s something alluring about the far-away, there’s a lot to be said for spending quality time discovering your native land.

We all love experiencing new countries,cultures and styles of livelihood; but before you satisfy your curiosity of what lies beyond the borders, why not discover what is within first. Imagine a drive of over 1,000 miles across the Pearl of Africa; from the southwest to the far northeast in Kabongo. Tourists from across the globe have contacted Tristar Africa Skimmer Safaris for safari trips but only a few locals have shown up which isn’t a good trend and that’s why we have written these 10 reasons to show why you should spend some time traveling in your own country: 

1. There’s so much more than you realise

It’s a simple fact that the more time you take to seek out new things, the more will be revealed to you. There couldn’t be a truer sentiment for travelling at home: there’s so much even within thirty miles of your house that you’ve never seen before.

If you approach travelling at home in that humble sense – with the knowledge that there’s always more to discover – you will easily pack an entire year with brand new adventures. You will be happy when your new discoveries lead you back to some of your old favourites and the places you visited as a child that you never found time to revisit.

2. It can be worked around a busy schedule

Not all of us can take an entire year off work, of course, but as you’re travelling closer to home you can fit trips around your current work schedule. When taking a long period of time out of your career isn’t an option, dedicate whatever time you do have off work within the next year to see what you can.

As you don’t have to go abroad, you’ll quickly realise that even the weekends offer so much opportunity. Long weekends become even more valuable, and you can cover a lot of ground using your holiday allowance (In case you get any).

3. It’s affordable

Goodbye expensive airfare. Farewell costly vaccinations. Even if you don’t live in the most affordable place in the world, travelling in your own country can in many ways be as cheap, or cheaper, than venturing abroad.As a native in your own land, you won’t be caught out by any pesky tourist traps that charge you excess fees or admission. You know just the places in which to buy cheap food and everyday items, and if you have a transport pass, you can milk it for all it’s worth.

4. You can visit all your friends and family

Life is busy for everyone, so sometimes it’s hard to regularly catch up with the friends and family that live far away. Setting off on a long-term tour of your own country allows you to reconnect with all the special people in your life in one fell swoop. This also provides a way to keep costs down, provided you have generous friends and family who will allow you to bunk up in their spare room.

5. You’ll learn more about your country’s history and heritage

It goes without saying that there’s value in understanding your country’s background, and an extended trip is a great way to learn more. Perhaps your town played a pivotal role in one slice of history, but other area could have experienced something completely different – your travels will give you an idea of this bigger picture.

Furthermore, you can take this greater comprehension of your own country’s history abroad with you and understand how it compares to that of other parts of the globe. Travelling at home helps you to contextualise your country’s place in the world. 

6. It’s easy travel

Although there is certainly something to be said for being thrown into a country so different to your own that it makes your head spin, when travelling at home you do away with all the nuisances that can bring.

You’re used to the currency, speak the same or at least a similar language (although, particular in Uganda, interacting with tribes maybe challenge!), and are familiar with national transport networks. Travel in your own country is an absolute breeze, leaving you more time to focus on the beautiful sights around you. 

7. You’ll make friends closer to home

Meeting new people is one of the best parts of travelling, but when you live at opposite sides of the world it’s hard to stay in touch. When you make new friends on trips in your own country, there’s more of a chance you’ll keep in contact and catch up again in the near future.

8. You can drive your own car

A small blessing, but one that eliminates car rental costs or having to get your head around an unfamiliar bus. Sure, depending on how much ground you want to cover fuel might cost you a fair whack, but it’s worth it for the convenience of having your own wheels. You can set off into the sunset whenever your heart desires, and you’re used to the feel on your own vehicle. Not to mention driving on the side of the road you’re accustomed to…

Nonetheless, you can also choose to hire a car from Tristar Africa Skimmer Safaris in case you don’t own a car. You’ll get a good car that can guarantee you a safe drive at affordable rates. And this country travel will even be more fun should you choose do it with a couple of friends that love adventure.

9. It’s eco-friendly

Doing away with carbon emissions from your flight reduces the footprint of your travels hugely. If you take public transport around instead of your own car that makes your trip even more eco-friendly. Feel like going the whole hog? Get around by bike or on foot to not only crank up the adventure factor but make your travels greener-than-green.

10. It will inspire future trips

Travelling at home is an addiction – once you start it’s hard to stop. If you decide to take a year to see more of your own country, I’ll bet money that in the first few weeks you’ll think this at least once: What have I been doing this whole time? Why didn’t I think of this sooner?

So if you plan on flying out of Uganda for holiday vacation, why not first try exploring your own country and finding out the hidden treasures this country has to offer. To inquire about a safari or rental car for self drive , simply contact us now through booking@tristarafricaskimmersafaris.com or call us now on +256-758540071 to speak with the reservations team.