June 22, 2024

Shaba Safari

Shaba National Reserve is Isiolo County’s protected area in the Northern section of Kenya with Samburu National Reserve in the Eastern part together with Buffalo Springs National Reserve consecutively forming a large protected area as reserves. This reserve is famous for its unique yet attractive landscape than its wildlife with River Ewaso Nyiro as part of it redefined by its volcanic rocks and riverine forests with four springs that create the most scenic view. It was made popular by George and Joy Adamson-the authors for bestselling book and film born free and the raisers of Elsa-a lioness which as raised in this reserve for some time.

Points of entry into Shaba National Reserve include Garfasa gate, Shaba gate and Natorbe gate.

Attractions of Shaba National Reserve

Shaba is full of river-side forests, dotted woodlands and dry grasslands under the Shaba hill volcano but the wildlife game here survives basically on waterholes and matches distributed all over the reserve offering life to Grevy’s zebras, Klipspringer, hyrax, warthogs, bat eared foxes, common eland, impala, Grant’s gazelle, generuk, zebras, greater kudu, lions, black-backed jackal, striped and spotted hyena, reticulated giraffes, African leopards and elephants the reserve bears more vegetation than Samburu National Reserve.

Bird life is in abundance here and the species include Williams’s lark, lesser kestrel, African darter, greater egret, white-headed vulture, martial eagle and yellow-billed ox-pecker among others.

Activities in Shaba National Reserve
Visitors to this park can participate in the following activities upon their arrival:

Game Drive/viewing
This is the most popular activity as it gets guests closer to the wildlife game in the reserve including the lions, leopards, elephants, warthogs, zebras, impalas, hyenas and elands among many others. The drives are organized in three different portions, you the morning game drives designed for the visitors to spot the nocturnal game like the lions, leopards and hyenas as they return to their hideouts from a night’s hunt of their prey, secondly, full-day game drives meant to expose guests to the survival instincts, way of feeding and many other wildlife attributes then thirdly, the afternoon game drives which often lets you come across wildlife game take shelter under shades, looking for water points because of the afternoon heat from the sun

Bird species like the marabou stork, vulturine guinea fowl, doves, martial eagle, African darter, greater egret, white-headed vulture and black-faced sand grouse make birdwatching an interesting activity in Shaba National Reserve for the bird lovers offering photographic opportunities.

Guided Nature walks
Tourists engage in walking through the remote and wild landscape of Shaba in the company of a well-trained game ranger guide exposing them to paradises of insects, reptiles, amphibians, birds and their nests, flowers and thickets as unique plant species therefore spotting what you missed during the game drive.

Cultural Interactions
This moment presents a lifetime opportunity for tourists to get face to face with the local Samburu people, learn their way of life, culture and traditions then probably purchase a few artifacts from them as a way of appreciating their culture and supporting them

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