Kenya Beach Holiday

Mombasa is Kenya’s second largest city after Nairobi and was once the capital of Kenya before Nairobi outgrew it and it is so famous in the Kenyan history as a commercial, cosmopolitan port town at the coast spreading into the Indian Ocean and the dwellers and historians claim the true heart of Mombasa majestically lies in the old town amidst the narrow winding streets and Arab architecture with Fort Jesus at the water’s edge watching over the harbor.
Visitors can view high gun turrets, battlements and underground passages of the 16th Century Fort where the historic struggle for the control of the Kenyan coast between the Portuguese army and the Shirazi Arabs took place decades ago.
Mombasa is an island connected to the mainland by bridges and ferries overlooking a wide harbor, which is a connection point for commercial shipping to traditional sailing dhows. Other major towns along the cost with the best beaches include Malindi, Kilifi, Lamu Diani, Kiongwe and Kipini which make up the Coastal province of Kenya.

This beach holiday package is an amazing offer for you to spend time on the bustling resorts and stunning beaches the Tristar way as you holiday under a classic sun, on white sand and blue water beaches arousing your intimacy especially for the honeymooners with accommodations set far away from the noisy crowds in very quiet and private locations where will dine and overnight.
On the top of our list is Diani beach because of its white sands, safe and the shallow water levels located about 30km south of the booming Mombasa city, this is the most recommended and visited beach along the coastline by travelers from all corners of the earth blessed with coconut palms, coral reefs which protect the beach from heavy surf.

Nyali Beach located about 20km North of Mombasa easily accessible by road and it is the most ideal beach if the visitor wants to enjoy pleasure while running business errands in Mombasa city as you spend your pleasurable time on the white sand beach. Other things to do here include beach sports like soccer and volley ball, kite surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming and cultural visits while you holiday on the Mombasa beaches.
Others may include Shanzu situated 15km North of Mombasa in Mtwapa which can be easily accessed through Moi International Airport, for the guests who love to adventure and enjoy nightlife, Mtwapa is the perfect place because of its various night clubs and for the nature dwellers, Shimba HillS National Reserve rests here hosting wildlife species like the elephants, antelopes and various tree species.

So, while in Mombasa, you can actually visit other hottest attraction points like Mombasa Marine National Park and Reserve for marine life viewing while snorkeling and scuba diving including Haller Park, a conservation area for wildlife like the giraffes, Cape buffalo, zebras, waterbucks, and hippos, and 160 bird species recorded as you spend your time on Lamu beaches and the island.
Other famous attractions include Fort Jesus, Lamu Fort and the Lamu town among other great attractions although there are so many other small beaches in Mombasa alone that could take you several months of stay to exhaust all of them.

Watamu Beach/Turtle Bay
This thrilling beach is located about 28km from Malindi Airport in close proximity with Watamu Marine National Park and Reserve. Activities here include snorkeling, swimming, beach walks, diving, nature walks, cultural visits and wildlife safaris.

Kilifi Beaches
These beaches lie 60km north of Mombasa and the best ones include Bofa and Shauri Moyo beaches joined by Kilifi bridge beautified by the scattered giant coral reefs and abundant palm trees which keep visitors refreshed.

Lantana Gala Beaches
Accessible from Ukunda Airstrip, Galu beach is just 5km from the beautiful Diani beach with enormous coconut palm tree plantations on white sparkling sand again blessed by the evergreen tropical gardens. The beach offers maximum privacy and it is frequented by couples and holiday makers who would like to stay away from the crowded beaches.

Bamburi,Tiwi and Shelly Beaches
Bamburi, Tiwi and Shelly beaches are some of the other top beaches to consider while on your vacation in Mombasa because they are really ideal for picnics and honeymoons not far away from the bustling Mombasa city.

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