Classic Kenya Safari

The classic safari to Kenya’s undying sceneries including the Great Rift Valley lakes Lake Nakuru with tens of thousands of pink flamingo species, the savannah national parks and reserves like Samburu National Reserve famous for hosting one of the largest elephant populations and one of the best cultures in Kenya preserved and sustained by the beautiful Samburu people not forgetting the royal Masai Mara graced with the great migration of the wildebeest annually. Enjoy the rumbling sounds of the African wilderness on a 4WD safari vehicle enjoying game drives, road trips and a boat cruise on the beautiful Lake Naivasha then walk on the Crescent island alongside a guide.

Discover Amboseli’s over 400 bird species that attract birders as an ideal birding destination in Kenya and other wildlife species including some of the Big 5 game like elephants, lions and buffaloes that dominate this charming National Park. The bird species include the African Jacana, falcons and kingfishers, vulnerable lesser krestel, Kori bustard, grey crested crane, Marabou stork, goliath heron, flamingos, rufous chatterer, African fish eagle and hartlaub’s bustard among many others. These birds can be spotted in concentration areas within swamps, springs acacia shrubs and grassy savannah with the stunning views of Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro in place.

Experience a spectacular wildlife and scenery of Masai Mara from above flying on a hot air balloon which gives unbeatable game viewing and photographic experiences compared to none of the other African Safari destinations with an option of flying to Masai Mara available. While in the Mara area, be sure to witness spectacular views of the mighty Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak and the world’s highest single mountain in Tanzania.

Enjoy cultural excursions while in the Mara area by interacting with the cultural Masai people who are so unique in a way that they have managed to preserve and protect their culture and norms from westernization, dance, eat inside a manyatta and enjoy storytelling with them of course in the company of a professional translator.

After your memorable wildlife safaris, we think it would be wise and attractive to fly out for a beach holiday to the coastal province on beaches like Diani beach, South of the busy Mombasa city from Masai Mara for a majestic stay at the Kenyan coastline. Swim of the wilderness in you then sunbath, play beach sports and enjoy beach walks.

While at the coast, visiting some of the top Marine National Parks and Reserves would be a perfectly interesting idea like Mombasa, Watamu and Malindi for snorkeling, scuba diving and surfing. This coastline is a very refreshing destination especially after you have exhausted the top destinations in the interior of Kenya.

There are optional chances here, you either have our driver guide drive you back to Nairobi of you board an aircraft from Diani Airstrip and enjoy your flight to Nairobi where you will be able to get your flight to your country of choice or origin.

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